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Guru MarkZ 3/6/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 06, 2023 2:53 pm

Member: GM all Mark Z family and super mods

Member:   Nothing usually happens on a Mon. but I still like to hear MarkZ after the weekend .

Member:  Good morning everyone! Another week of Hopes and Dreams

Member: I feel like I’m caught between Fantasy Island and the Twilight Zone. Like a bad trip!

Member: I was always saying it will happen around Easter for the St. Germaine Trust to be opened. 

MZ: It would be easier …..but, I still do not think we will be waiting that long. I think we are getting a lot of misinformation right now. Someone is having fun playing with us. Which means we are close. 

Member: some guys are saying the RV starts March 20th

MZ: There is a lot of chatter about that. Between the 15th and the 20th. As far as I’m concerned it could be any moment. We just don’t know. 

Member: Ramadan starts March 22.

MZ: I was always told the goal was to start it during Ramadan so they could celebrate.

Member: I wish at least the dinar would go …so everyone would have some breathing room.

MZ: I’m with you on that ….everyone should be prepared in case it does. 

Member:  According to Nader, the dinar's revaluation has gone the wrong way. 1300 to1650

MZ: Yes he is talking about the possibility of the rate going back to 1650. IMO its positive as they are fluctuating and adjusting. I’m not panicked. If you wait a day the news will change. This article could be done on purpose just to keep us off balance. 

MZ: “Iraqi government to carry out reforms for economic renaissance” This is opposite news from the one above…..it says they are ready for a “financial renaissance” and a return to being one of the top in the world. So these conflicting articles are totally expected…do not ride that roller coaster.  

Member: Why is this RV chatter different then all the other times?

MZ: its very different. A lot of the news is coming from main stream news…..not just dinar gurus. 

Member:  I read from Goldilocks to watch the Debt Clock for 0 $ to oil 0 $ to silver 0 $ gold to move up big its the RV time. Move up slow ….it is RV slowly coming out?

Member: According to the Debt clock we have 2,092 more millionaires in the USA

Member: Hey Mark do you have pics of new Rainbow US Notes you can show?

Member: Do a search in youtube of new US money and you will see possibilities there. 

MZ: in world news “LME (London Metals Exchange) halts flows of Russian metals to the US” This means a lot because the metals markets should go nuts this week. Russia is one of the primary providers of nickel and other metals 

MZ: “Navy will make all sailors reaffirm oath to constitution is extremism stand down”  They have talked about doing this for 2 years and now they are doing it 

Member: I wish we knew what is really going on

Member: what I gather is tier 1 2 & 3 are all paid off with frozen accounts waiting for us to go, no one knows when, they can all see the money in their accounts

Member: Things are happening behind the scenes and to keep us safe

Member:  We are so close with the RV and knowing that doesn’t help all those struggling right now! Let’s pray this in!!

Member: Seeing this is a worldwide event, and Zim was introduced during the NESARA time, They will go all at once. IMO…..This is what the redemption centers have been training for.

Member:  why did the coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back

Member: Good news, bad news...bad news- My wife's credit card was stolen. Good news- the thief is spending less money than my wife, so...I think I'll let it ride.

Member: A guy driving out west stopped at an Indian village and said, "Nice Rug! Buffalo Hide?" The old Indian replied, "Not very well."

MZ: Going to close a bit early so I can have lunch with my kids 

Member: We are entering the days of purim…..where the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the people…where what was done to Haman was what he wanted to do to everyone else.  Whould be a good time to get rid of the cabal? 

Member: Thank you markz an awesome moderators! Have a blessed day everyone!!

Member: Have a wonderful day everyone…have a great day with your kids God bless you and your kids

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