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Guru MarkZ 3/2/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 02, 2023 2:35 pm

Member: Good Thursday Morning……Hope it’s a blessed day for all of you!

Member:  Happy Blessed Thursday! Today is a wonderful day to be grateful for all the good things in your life. Remember every day is a new opportunity to be your best self & make a positive impact on the world

Member:  Did you all see Jupiter and Venice in the night sky last night? What a beautiful sight

Member: MarkZ, what is was holding us up if CBI has Control why don’t they just do it?

Member: Mark, inquiring minds want to know…..what is holding Iraq up from giving their new rate and moving forward at this point? They seem primed and ready

Member:  it feels Iraq is dragging their feet waiting for other countries to get ready to go. 

Member: Mark, did you confirm that tier 1 and tier 2 and bond folks have NDA’s???

MZ: I am getting so much back and forth on that. I think they are using the bond folks to sow misinformation and confusion on purpose right now. I’ve been trying not to report on this the last couple days until the chaos settles down. 

Member: Isaac has not checked in since February 24th... maybe an NDA?

Member:  watched Nader this morning - Sudani will get budget with rate probably on Saturday - good news

Member: Nadar posted this am and said the budget will most likely be presented on Saturday and will have a rate everyone will be happy with.

MZ: that was great news. This was a fantastic video from Nader this morning…..He is basically hearing what I am hearing that the budget should reach Sudani to sign at the end of the week. The end of their week in Iraq is Saturday. It may reach Sudani sooner…I have been expecting it at any moment since early yesterday. 

MZ: Nader is hearing the same thing from inside the country….and that they have a new substantial rate change in this budget. 

Member: Didn't Mark say the RV could go before budget was approved?

MZ:    yes it can. But we are being told that there is a significant rate change adopted in the budget. This could "force" the value change.

Member: I think everything is already done. We're just waiting for an announcement. 

Member Another Intel provider said last night that a number of places are seeing a $1.50 rate. 

MZ: Don’t panic. And listen…..I do not want to get a bunch of “OMG” emails later. But sometimes comments get posted on the boards and taken out of context. What he was saying is about the possibility of a float and it might take a week or so to float up to the contract level. 

MZ: I am told that none of that should matter to us. That we will get the “Dinar for Oil” contract rate –coming out of the gate….and that is why we will have an NDA. Because we will know the final rate they are trying to float to…..and we will get that final contract rate right out of the gate when it is time. 

MZ: It makes a tremendous amount of sense for them to start at a $1.50 rate or so and let the rate float until they meet a certain criteria and they float up to the target rate. It would not shock the system as much….this makes tremendous sense. 

MZ: I am told repeatedly that our rate in teir 4b will not float…it will be fixed. We shall see. We don’t know 100% how this will pan out. We only know what we believe its going to pan out. 

Member: I guess we won’t know until our actual appointment whether it’s a float of fixed rate…..really hope its fixed….but I am planning for both. 

Member:  We're all hoping for really good rates w/ the RV. Even if much smaller than believed, we'll all come out at least some ahead. Small blessings are still blessings. C'mon on big money. : 

Member: Are the redemption centers still staffed?

MZ:  Skeleton crews ….but yes is what I was told.

Member:  Can husband and wife go to Rv apt. together? Or do we have to do it separately?

MZ:   I was told they would prefer them to go together.

Member: Any news for CMKX?

MZ: Nothing really specific on CMKX. Just rumors/chatter  last Saturday of deliveries maybe starting late this week …maybe Thursday (today) or Friday …but havnt heard since if this is still accurate. 

Member:  PPN- Charlie W show - Financial & Housing total collapse in July & Aug. Do we have to wait til then for RV?

Member: I think he has been told to give us this miss information just to be part of the confusing talk…..but he does have good information sometimes

Member: I am new to this. I have some foreign currencies and have no idea what to do with them. can someone help please.

MZ: Be sure to watch the “Back to Basics” video I did a few months ago (Link is listed below) 

Member: and then go to Dinar Recaps and read in their Post RV and Archives sections…..lots of stuff there for newbies

Member: If you have not opened the recaps recently you will need to sign in again. I guess they drop your subscription if you don’t open an email at least once a month or so…..

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Post by Mission1st Thu Mar 02, 2023 6:46 pm

Regurgitated crap from 12 years and some new crap from Tony's show on Monday. Nothing original, just crap
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