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Guru MarkZ 2/27/23 am DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 2/27/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Mon Feb 27, 2023 2:22 pm

Member:  Good morning Dinarians. Another Monday of hope and dreams.

Member: Good morning RV family. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Member:  Anyone else extremely tired of yet another weekend that passed without EBS and the whole shabang?

Member: We sure could use a nice juicy EAS / EVS with a large helping of disclosure and a NESARA for dessert

Member: it's happening. this is a process. We need to be patient just a little longer….imo

Member: rainy days and Mondays always get me down, RV/Gesara would certainly bring me up! Hint hint 

Member: Thanks Mark Z for recommending Militia Man. His last post was a great comfort!

Member: MilitiaMan said that March 20th is when ISO20022 starts. That’s a pretty concrete thing..Right?

MZ: That is a concrete thing. Great MilitiaMan news over the weekend. He talks about a number of Major International deals they are doing in Iraq …and they are telling us in their dday to day markets what they are doing to get this RV out the door. They have told us they are expecting a value change. Please go watch Militiaman videos…if you havn’t yet. 

MZ: Other Iraq news this weekend “ With anticipation of results, Chinese yuan chases dollar in Iraq forign trade”   They are going to start using the yuan …just not in the public sector….they are detangling themselves from the Us petrodollar and allowing the “private sector” to use yuan to settle settlements.  Iraq’s trade with China is huge and now using the yuan. 

Member:  Iraqi president says country now peaceful, life is returning

Member: I wonder Does the Iraqi third package release mean they’re ready to float? 

Member: I saw a post that Iraq is going 1 to 1 and redenominate at the same time…..and then let it float

MZ: That would make logistical sense. But as I understand it…the gold treaty needs them to come out at a higher rate. But if Iraq is frustrated on waiting….it makes sense for Iraq to come out at a lower rate and float. 

Member:  imo, Iraq wouldn't be going alone if they're taking this long. I agree with Mark on the possibility that they'll go with the NEER rate and let it float. I could be wrong

MZ: If it floats I believe it will float up…..their goal was to reach the $4 mark…

MZ: I am hearing that if the dinar floats we will still get banking exchange instructions to go to banks with the proper equipment and training to process us….….just not full blown redemption centers. Im ok either way. I just want this roller coaster to end. I am ready to get off of it.  ;

MZ: But, it would be nice to get the new big rate all at once.

Member: Is it true the bond holders are having access to their money today or tomorrow? 

MZ: Bond folks are getting a lot of talk about the release of funds before end of business today….Many of my contacts thought they would wake up to a new rate today at the earliest…most likely by tomorrow…..I am watching it. 

MZ: Overwhelmingly they believe this time this is “it” . I am sure other intel providers are hearing the same things. That they have scheduled it and are waiting on the release. None of us know the exact timing …but we do know everyone is ready for it. 

Member: Another Intel Provider:  The Banker has indicated that the pace has picked up considerably and that its staff will be fully staffed at all of its locations to begin scheduling appointments beginning tomorrow Monday

Member: Big protest in the UK by the citizens, not covered by their news.

MZ: Nader posted a video about the craziness in Europe this weekend….lots of riots and crime. Is the whole world falling apart? 

Member:  I went onto the us bank in Safeway on Saturday and casually asked if they have switched over to the new QFS system. The teller said NO, not until the end of MAY.

Member: Dear God….let this go sooner than May. 

Member: I'm so tired of this movie…. can we get a new one to watch…. my popcorn is beyond stale

MZ: I am not sure if this movie is a tragedy or a comedy. Heck, it appears to be both with a lot of plot twists.

Member: if they are waiting for sleepers to wake up I say good luck with that

Member: they just need to rip off the bandaid…and tell the whole world the truth…..that will wake them up…….

Member: justice/punishment must reign over those involved so we can cleanse and prevent it in the future!

Member:   Fingers and toes are crossed for this blessing to be poured out onto all of us this week.

Member: Remember everyone to stay positive, keep pushing forward, and have faith. Have a great week ahead!

Member: No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. Aesop

Member: Mark, huge thanks as always for all you bring to this community.

Member: Mark, thanks for hanging in there with all of us Mark, and in keeping all of us calm

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