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Guru MarkZ 2/24/23 pm DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 2/24/23 pm

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Guru MarkZ 2/24/23 pm Empty Guru MarkZ 2/24/23 pm

Post by Ssmith Sat Feb 25, 2023 12:39 pm

Member:  A Wonderfully Great Blessed Golden Evening MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room

Member:  Perhaps this weekend will bring us exciting news and prosperous actions!!!

MZ: Not a whole lot of news today. Redemption center folks on call this weekend.

MZ: News is still great coming out of Iraq.

Member: Anything on the “funds in-funds out” on bankers screens?

MZ: I really think it was a tech issue they are trying to straighten out. . It was only on larger amounts. On smaller amounts –everything works. It may be a problem making the new system work with the old system.  

MZ: As I understand it…the QFS(or whatever you want to call it) …in banks they call it the quantum system. I think it’s having problems connecting to the old analog style computers at the banks.  I really think this could be the problem right now.

Member: I thought that stuff was fixed a long time ago……sigh

Member: so let me get this straight Mark, the reason that it hasn’t kicked in yet it’s because the old computers need a SOFTWARE UPDATE???

Member: Nadar says it’s time to dance?!

Member:  Nader was on about an hour ago. singing and dancing in the streets! Hope that is good news.

Member:  I hope that means things are on the move!

MZ: Before nader posted this video he posted one on tictoc of him sitting on a patio with feet kicked up and having an adult beverage. My guess is this dance video isn’t RV related…just Nader having a good time.

Member:  Does anyone else find it reassuring that Interpol os helping Iraq with cleaning up its corruption problem?

MZ: I’m glad you mentioned that…..

Member:  Iraq needs to believe in itself and currency. Stop using the dollar…this will drive value in their currency

Member: (From Dinar Guru)  Mnt Goat   Article:  “PARLIAMENTARY ENERGY: THE OIL AND GAS LAW WILL PASS THIS SESSION AND WE ARE WAITING FOR IT TO ARRIVE”  Draft oil and gas law…the Parliamentary Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee called on the government to send the final version of the draft oil and gas law, affirming its intention to proceed with enacting the law.

MZ: This is big news…….

Member:  Isaac says: Nothing this week, next update on Monday.

MZ: I have a contact with a banking story…I won’t share the details but ……they said their bank (a major bank) drive through was closed….the ATM was down for work….they had a conversation with a long time banking contact there who said they were updating and changing their drive throughs and ATMs for our new currency. It was a pretty cool conversation…and huge news in my book. 

MZ: Its getting harder and harder to hide this from the rank and file workers…they know they are getting new equipment …even at the above location …but they havnt yet been trained. Some of this new equipment is to verify foreign currency so they can exchange them ….they are keeping this so compartmentalized in the banking sector…they know something huge is happening….think about it…

MZ: If they were told that we are getting new currency and going asset backed .and that many foreign currencies will soon be worth a lot…how many of these employees would still be around in the future?  So they try to keep them in the dark.

Member: Can bank staff at redemption centers purchase currency and exchange?

MZ: Of course there are some who know and own foreign currency…but the ones I know have  had to sign an agreement that they would continue to work throughout the redemption process. They get to turn their currency in first but they will not get access to it until they have finished with us…….so yes…there are quite of few involved in the exchange process that do know. But they are contractually obligated to finish the exchange process before they get their funds.

Member:  My bank tellers are under nda’s since last Jan. in Canada. US to Canada currency 1 to 1 is what they are telling us.

Member: That is what I am hearing from a number of countries that are in the very first basket.They say that we should expect parity for the Euro, the Canadian and the Australian dollars with the US dollar. The Euro is pretty close to parity with the US dollar already.

Member:  Remember Kuwait RV’d the afternoon after morning news outlets stated it would not be visited for 6-9 months.

Member: I wonder if the people that work for the Federal Reserve will all lose their job when all this goes down or will they work for the US Treasure?

Member: Hope the IRS is gone before we all have to pay taxes on April 15th.

Member:  The RV is like a headache. How about today Dear, not tonite I have a headache. The next day how about tonite Dear, I have a headache. The RV has a headache

Member:  Mark, thank you for all you do. You’re the best and we appreciate you so much!


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