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Guru MarkZ 2/23/23 am

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Guru MarkZ 2/23/23 am Empty Guru MarkZ 2/23/23 am

Post by Ssmith Thu Feb 23, 2023 2:40 pm

Member:   gm Markz and all you lovely people

Member: A Wonderfully Great Golden Blessed Morning MarkZ, Andy, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room

Member: it's a brand new day the Lord has made so let's rejoice and be glad in it I know the blessings are coming Swift and quickly

Member: Sure am ready for some action…not chatter

MZ: We are all ready for some action and not just chatter. 

MZ: “Iraq Pivots to Yuan for China Imports in defense of its own currency”  This is Bloomberg. This is worldwide news now…just not in our little dinar chatrooms…..”Iraqi Central banks to drop dollar for Yuon in trade with China” They are being up front with what they are doing so they can reinstate or revalue their currency. 

MZ: This is happening. 

MZ: What we are hearing on the bond side in the last 12-16 hours or so is crazy stuff….Money goes in and money goes out. I do not know if they are doing a serious hard-core final test on the system….but they are seeing billions of dollars going in and out of accounts. Are they testing the system to see if it’s as flawless as they think it is….are they trying to catch someone doing shenanagans???? 

MZ: I had a great conversation with Sheila this morning (CMKX and currency contact) She is hearing great things. Most of these contacts believe that we will be getting our CMKX, PP’s deliveries today or tomorrow. Sheila has a lot of high up contacts. 

MZ: The chatter has been awesome on the banking side. But, it’s the bankers….It is their job to be prepared. We talk about the “Boy who cried wolf” No matter how many times that boy cries wolf……it’s their job to be ready …….we do know its close. 

MZ: Will we make in February???  I am praying and hopeful that we make it. 

MZ: I am still hearing everything from tonight to March 2nd…..a couple are looking at Ramadan. …but most are looking at much sooner than that. Buckle up we may soon be getting a serious black swan event . 

Member: Ramadan begins Mar 22nd and ends April 20th this year.

Member: I have heard Iraq wants to do the RV during their Ramadan celebrations

MZ: I have heard that as well. That if they could pick an ideal time it would be during Ramadan….we shall see. 


Member: Mark, what makes you think Iraq could go alone before everyone else? Is it something you are hearing from your intel sources??

MZ: I have been hearing this for 15 years from sources. When they signed on with the gold treaty many years ago…they had a caveat that if things were to drag out….they could reinstate their currency as soon as they met all the requirements. This is what I was told from a long time ago.  

Member:  Frank 26 said about a week last night and it would start 1 to 1 and float to 3 dollar range then go in basket. Iraq goes first.

Member: After 14 years how does Iraq define “drag out” 

MZ: Meaning that this is a event that requires so many things to fall into place….they wanted the ability to go alone if the rest of the world wasn’t ready when they were…..I was always told this. 

Member: Going away from dollar... that wouldn't happen if Iraq wasn't going international and RV…They are now using the Chinese Yuan and other currencies. 

Member: Is Iraq the only thing preventing this event?

MZ: No. it’s an all out war…we have been in World War 3. 

Member: Globalists vs. everyone else…The great reset vs. The Global currency reset to sound money. 

Member: . everyday since 2020 has been a black swan event

Member:  I just wanta load up w/rainbow currency & blow some minds when I pay for everything in colorful CASH!

Member: How quickly will they schedule our appointments from the time we call in?

Member: I would bet things will happen fast and most of us will be done the first week we are allowed to make appointments. 

Member: Mark will they come to us if we have no transportation to get to our exchange?

MZ: I am told they will make arrangements for you….Think about the Clampetts and Mr. Drysdale. They are going to jump through whatever hoop they need to jump through to get your money in their banks. 

Member:  Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.

Member: Charlie Ward has said many times it’ll happen on a Thursday, just not sure which one. THIS one TODAY would work for me

Member: Just keep remembering when you wake up each morning you are one day closer to the end of this!!!!

Member: If you want to watch a movie with Matt Damon that is all about the Med Beds go watch the movie, "Elysium"

Member:  There’s a new excitement in the air. Can ya feel it family?

Member: When its real and not rumor….I will feel it for sure. 

Member:” Let’s see it instead of just “hear it” 

MZ: Absolutely

Member: Anticipation fatigue is real ….Its tough. ….But we are no doubt close to breaking through to the other side. Hang in their family. 

Member:  We are in the last stretch of the race. Come on we can do this!!!

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods and Andy…….see you all tonight.

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Post by Mission1st Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:37 am

It amazes me that the gurus keep spewing out this BS and obviously dumbasses keep believing them. Absolutely gullible (read desperate) sheeple. It is really sad
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