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Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 15, 2023 2:30 pm

Member: I owe I owe so let the RV roll!
Member:  Right!! We need to get this RV going!!
Member: Still here, Still hoping, - Just like y’all
Member:  Good morning my brothers and sisters. It’s mid week so, if MarkZ is right, bonds should start to pay off in big numbers today and beyond and we go right behind the bond people.

Member: Mark, Do you see one or more incremental rate drops prior to 1 to 1 or do you believe 1 to 1 or better will be their next giant step.?

MZ:  I honestly felt like since the local markets wasn’t responding very well to the rate change to 1300 that there should be one more dip…but in the last couple days this rate has gained momentum and more and more people are ditching US dollars so I do not think they need another incremental drop…I think it could just go “Bam” and we get the big one.
MZ: Still getting mixed reports as to whether we will get a full blown re-instated or revalued rate or if it will be 1 to 1 and float.  About 80% of my bankers feel we will get a final rate our of the gate at the finish line…..and 20% believe it will be that float…..I am prepared either way.

MZ: “Diamond Jubilee Central Bank of Iraq -75 years”  They are preparing themselves for a change in value and expanding to accommodate more companies as they are expanding….. they are scrambling to get more licensed banks in their to handle more currency exchanges. To go from dinar to dollar….from dollar to dinar and other countries’ currencies as well. Iraq is positioning itself to be a regional powerhouse.
MZ: “Finance Ministry about to finish the 2023 federal budget “ They are nearing completion and indicate that they are ready to present it.

MZ: On the banker side We are hearing tremendous chatter starting in the wee hours from bond contacts …but nobody has gotten full funds yet. Hearing that one of the main banks in the US is having technical glitches so they are moving some of the exchanges to banks that are 100% ready to go.
MZ: But we are hearing things are moving quickly for redemptions(centers?)  to be 100% prepared.
MZ: The negative news is nobody has gotten paid yet….no fresh news on currencies or CMKX .

Member: I think everyone will go liquid all at once.
MZ: The chatter has mainly been on bonds and Iraq. This is Historic bonds…not Zim bonds.
MZ: But hearing positive things from Vietnam that they have been positioned for some time….and ready to go. Keep in mind that we don’t hear as much from them…but they are prepared for an increased value on their currency. We have seen documentation from our state Dept. that Vietnam needs to increase the value of their currency ….they are way undervalued. Vietnam has a modernized banking system so we don’t need to follow it as closely. So they are ready to go…their currency is undervalued and they have a modern banking system in place. They just need the “go”

Member: Dong Rate?
MZ: I still believe it could be aaround $2.25 or so….but banking contacts think that is low and it could be higher.
MZ: There is always the chance that Iraq could go alone….they have approvals for that. But all my contacts in Asia and Asian banking believe that Vietnam is positioned and ready and will go at the same time .No matter if the rest of the world is ready or not. I feel very confident in these two currencies.

MZ: Another big piece in the news “Saudi Arabia seeks to join SCO,BRICS –Russian ambassador to Riyadh”  This article was released the 12th of Feb. SA has made it very clear they want to join BRICS which is the up and coming major block in the world. They are turning their back on the Petrodollar. Without Saudi Arabia and OPEC there is nothing to support the US dollar.
Member: Mark I feel bad for you, after all these years , all the ones “in the know” have said we need to see A,B and C done before we can go…then after those are done…nothing…then they say we need Basel 3 then HCL then it all comes and goes and we see nothing. The poor people in Iraq are the big losers in all of this. ‘

MZ: The HCL still hasn’t passed. But I do not think there will be any more excuses for the big boys in this game in the next few days as to why we have not moved forward.
Member:  Things are happening behind the scenes and to keep us safe.
Member: Sounds like U.S. is holding the RV from happening.
Member:  Mark has told us for months it would get crazy as we got closer

Member: I can't imagine having to go on each day if there is no news. At least you tell us the truth rather than blowing smoke up our .......
Member:  I tell everybody that we are the goose that lays the golden egg, that is why they don’t want to let us go.
Member: I really feel we are right there. it has been pushed down the road and cannot go much farther.

MZ: I believe the countdown has started…the fuze has been lit and this thing is ready to blow
Member:  Is there a waiting time to have access to funds upon exchange?
Member: Mark has always said that his bankers agree we will have full access at once.

Member: i dont know where to redeem the iraq dinar got from bank. do i go back to bank . you talk about meeting up with appointment. is that only for bond holders. im newby thank you

Member:  Thank you, Mark z, for your generous time, info, and patience. You are a G d send!
Member: See you all again tonight!!

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