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Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 14, 2023 1:41 pm

Member:  Happy Valentines Day with all the love and joy you can stand. Blessings to all. Keep your eyes above the horizon.
Member:  A Wonderfully Great Golden “Happy Valentines Day” Morning MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room
Member:  Good morning everyone hope today is the day for the RV

Member: An 800# from dinarrecaps would be the BEST Valentine’s Day present!!
MZ: Nader did drop a new video from local news in Iraq….where he said “Dinar will be better than before…90/100% better. “   
MZ: Still hearing confusing back and forth……but, I can tell you the repeated conversations in Iraq is that the rate will be considerably higher than the USD.

MZ: Chatter in Iraq continues saying the impending event where the dinar will be at least equel to or superior to the US dollar.
MZ: Other than that it’s been very quiet on the RV front. I was expecting a lot more action by now….especially with the number of bond meetings scheduled throughout today
MZ: Sources are still looking at mid February.
Member: Well mid February is now…….so hopefully we are on high alert. They better get going if the goal is to release Nesara on the 24th?
MZ: I am still hearing it’s the 24th…..they have laid extensive groundwork…..I was just expecting to see more visable things happening…..
Member:  So last week the Iraq delegation came to Washington to set the rate for the RV, how is it that this news does not get released to the general public.
Member: The waiting game is for the $100,000,000,000+ of Iraqi Oil Revenues being held via sanctions by the Treasury & FED Bank – hence the meetings, & more meetings that are designed to remedy

Member: If the Dinar floats where can we exchange IQD currency?? It’s my experience the local banks cannot exchange foreign currency or they are just clueless **
Member: Mark said before that we will still probably go to redemption centers with trained professionals on foreign currency exchanges.
Member: Wish we knew exactly what to expect at our exchange apt?
Member: Bitchute with Charlie and Dave XRP Lion, he explained the complete redemption center process in detail (powerful) and C (with NDA) confirmed!
Member: Dinar Recaps has several articles on that in their archives/post RV section

MZ: In other news: “Indian Rupee dollar pullback ahead of U.S. inflation data to lift Rupee at the open”  This is important as we are watching the US dollar slide …the money is bailing on the biggest fiat currencies in the world….This is all part of the endgame of the fiat currencies …
MZ: From Zerohege: “Welcome to the Endgame-Rubino warns Everyone’s about to realize there is no fix for this” it is awesome that USA watchdog and Greg Hunter gets national recognition …all countries are now bailing on the US dollar.
Member: (From Dinar Guru)  Mnt Goat  Article:  “MEMBER OF PARLIAMENTARY ENERGY: A “SEMI-OFFICIAL” AGREEMENT ON THE OIL AND GAS LAW”   As I stated many times already the new 2005 Iraqi constitution states that there shall be a referendum passed in parliament on instituting the conditions of the constitution to manage the oil and gas. This is called now the oil and gas law. Seems anytime we get news of a rate change, this law pops up in the news. Why? I was told way back in 2011 that this law is necessary to…reinstate the dinar as are all the provisions in the constitution must first be met, including this one. Funny how it always comes up when they are getting ready to reinstate the dinar.
MZ: I noticed the same thing as well Mt. Goat……every time the RV gets close they are talking about this oil and gas law. This makes me feel good.

Member:  they need to sign the paper today with the Kurds! I’m praying No More Delay!!!
Member:  Hoping for a Bloody St.Valentines Day Massacre Stock Market crash
Member: Hoping we get news on a market crash by tonights podcast.
Member: So much craziness going on!!! People need to wake up and this needs to come to an end! Enough already!!
Member:  Mark when you finally get to put the golden shirt on we will all be shocked
Member:  Mark, thank you so much for everything you do Brother ….
Member: Mark and as always a huge thanks for all the latest news & updates.
Member: Happy Valentines Day to Mark and all his mods…..may you all have a wonderful loving day

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