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Guru MarkZ 2/8/23 pm DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 2/8/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Thu Feb 09, 2023 2:20 pm

Member: A Wonderfully Great Blessed Golden Evening MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room
Member: Welcome to the RV Games….May the odds be ever in our favor!

Member: Definitely seeing it’s the yo yo game…….lots of ups and downs.
MZ: I told you guys it was yp-yo time…..it really is yo-yo-time.
Member:  I wish the RV would go as quickly as this chat!!!!

MZ: “Member of parliamentary energy (semi formal) agreement on the oil and gas law”  They are moving quickly toward it. This is one of the things we have been waiting for. A big piece of the final puzzle.
MZ:  Arriving in DC this evening is the group from Iraq …That is big news as well. Meetings with the UST should start tomorrow.
MZ:  “ ImF prepares budget bill based on new USD exchange rate against IQD”  I am getting the feeling they will need to do this quickly.
MZ: this one gives a lot of credence to what I am hearing in Iraq proper   “With closure, dollar prices rebound in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region” What they are talking about is the official bank rate is 1300 dinar to one dollar …but what they found in the outside markets that its somewhere in between ….
MZ: What I am hearing from my sources that the rate will jump down do 1100 or lower. In the next couple days to get the people to finish turning in their US dollars so the working class will have dinar in hand and then and then I hear we get a real whammy of a rate change. That is what I am waiting for.
Member: Frank 26 put on the gold, says the rate is at 1300 going down to 1000 and it’s going to keep getting lower
MZ: That’s interesting he said that…..it goes with what I was hearing…..

Member: NADAR – just posted about what you said yesterday. The 1300 rate was to try to give Iraqi citizens time to change to the Dinar, or they will lose a lot of money. Just confirmation
Member: Nader just said “Congratulations ..it is happening”
MZ: That is what I have been told….it kicked off yesterday. Finally we are seeing big changes..
MZ: Bankers are still very excited. They are still convinced it will be in the next few days….Get off the roller coaster…..watch the roller coaster…..its a more peaceful ride.
Member: People saying the stock market will crash within two weeks.
Member: Wow, in the MSN today. Bloomberg: Iraq Revalues Currency after replacing Central Bank head. AND Yahoo: Saudi Arabia says they’re now ‘open’ to the idea of trading in currencies besides the US dollar.
Member:  1800+ new millionaire’s on the debt clock in a 24 hr period yesterday.. hmmm
Member: When we get the green light to make our call. –will we know the rate before or will we only find out after we get there?
MZ: I am told we will know the rates before we go in. and that is when we have to sign a nda to not share that rate.
Member: Thanks for encouraging all of us to remain grounded through this whirlwind! God’s blessings to you and your family

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