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Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 07, 2023 3:57 pm

IQD is floating. Coffee with MarkZ 02/07/2023
Member: So the IQD floating... I hope everything starts exploding now!!
Member:  I'll have a IQD float...with a bolivar burger and some Zim fries
Member:  May God bless us all!
Member: why was yesterday’s post titled “Rates are jumping”?
MZ: Because that what bankers were saying from all over the place. They are seeing rates all over the screens
MZ: The title today is the IQD is floating. We hear from local markets that the dinar is floating from 17 something down to 15 something…and this week the government says its going down to 13 something. It continues to move in the proper direction now.
Member: In Iraq: "The world is swarming to our country. They know what is about to happen. Iraq is going to be so powerful." also: "It will go at the last nano-second." On the ground..
Member: Nadar had a video this morning
Member:  Nader mentioned the Dinar was up to around 1050.
MZ: Yes Nader talked about the rate moving this morning as well. That is the news from Iraq today. Nader does a great job…very accurate.
MZ: the government said they are counting on a peg later on this week of around 1300 which is temporary and allows it to find its value.
Member: I watched nadar. that was hopeful
Member: Frank26 always said it would float…..so maybe this is really good news?
Member:  If the U.S. is manipulating the IQD and other currencies wouldn't that still keep the IQD from reaching its potential even in a float?
MZ: No- they had been manipulating the IQD…now they have run out of road and hit a dead end. The IQD has kept going and the US can no longer pursue it. Iraq is finally telling them to F off. The bullying and sanctioning no longer work and the US is desperate.
Member: Mark - you have been super giddy that we were really close and now it seems with a peg it could sit for a bit?
Member: Must be part of the yo-yo intel we were told to expect at the end.
Member: Float means it’s going international ??
Member: If its floating can we cash out?
MZ: Yes but it hasn’t floated enough to make it worth cashing out. Over the course of this week it has improved its value about 20% but, it’s not what we are looking for. I am looking for considerably more than that before I exchange mine.
Member: When the rate hits 1 to 1…that’s when I will look at exchanging
Member:  Nesara Gesara = everyone on an equal playing field! No one left behind worldwide!
Member: Not what we are expecting…..Looks like we are not getting a fixed rate now……darn it..guess we just have to watch closely and see how high the dinar goes…..hope the dong will go as well.
Member: I was sure hoping for a rate of $3+….maybe this float is smoke or it this just wishful thinking?
Member: I wonder if all currencies will float now.
Member: Contract rate should be higher anyway ?????
MZ: We are still getting great chatter from the banking side of it….Bankers were expecting great things last night but I was not…..I thought it was a bit premature.
MZ: Bond folks stlll have great expectations for their payouts this month. Bankers have great expectations of their payouts imminently. And the chatter is still great from Iraq…..so not much has changed. There was zero bad news overnight.
Member: I am still trying to decide if this float news is bad or not….guess we just wait and see. First thought is that this is a bummer.
Member: Mark I heard that paymasters and Chinese elders were starting to get paid …but only a percentage. I also heard Japan has started the process.
MZ: I heard that as well…along with bond people ….I am having trouble finding people with big amounts of money in their pockets though.
Member: I am not enjoying this yo-yo game.

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