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Guru MarkZ 2/6/23 am DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 2/6/23 am

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Guru MarkZ 2/6/23 am Empty Guru MarkZ 2/6/23 am

Post by Ssmith Mon Feb 06, 2023 2:37 pm

Rates are a Jump'n. Coffee with MarkZ 02/06/2023

Member:  I would rather Dinar'd and lost than to never have Dinar'd at all

Member:  To Dinar Or Not to Dinar That is the question!

MZ: We are going to keep this one short and tonight’s podcast may go longer. We have news screaming at us…..it’s almost minute by minute right now. 

MZ:  I am getting great news from all my sources…and I have heard from some that they started funding historical bonds in Europe….have not been able to verify that yet though. I want an absolute guarantee its true before I announce it. 

MZ: At this point they can hide it right in the open and many will not believe it . 

Member: “Boy who cried wolf” syndrome. 

Member: Mark - Nader posted a short video singing..

MZ: The chatter is off the hook in Iraq. They have stabilized their currency according to International news …and Epoch times. Nader even mentioned the yo- yo and how they have to sow disinformation up, down and sideways. We will not know exactly what is going on until the moment it happens. Nowb that the yo-yo has started we know how close we are. 

MZ: Be sure to watch Naders videos at youtube….search for Nader from the mid east…..and like and share his content. 

Member: My sister’s ex-husband lives in Iraq. She called him this weekend to verify Naders video and the possible rate of $1.29. He told her the rate has been changed and was $3.00 and possibly going up to $3.50

MZ: Yes that is the rumor on the streets of Iraq . Nobody can exchange yet for that so everybody stay calm. It’s still necessary for them to play yo-yo for security reasons. 

Member: It’s exciting that rates are showing for many to see 

MZ: “Iraqi currency crash halts afte3r meeting with US official.” 

MZ: This one shows how low the US has sunk in the last few years…”Take your dirty hands off Turkey , Ankara’s Interior Minister tells US envoy”  He is very anti American there. 

Member: Mark is this possibly their 10 day celebration in Iraq? Could we negotiate 5 days only??!

Member: I believe It’s going to be March because that’s when The ISO 20022 Messaging standard is implemented into the banks worldwide everything’s gotta go at once

Member: I wonder if the IQD ever get added to the US's Stock Market?

Member: Is the Zim going to be traunched…..paid over time in payouts...?

MZ: I am told not on your personal payouts…….unless you have a crap load of zim. But, the humanitarian projects payouts may be traunched if you are doing your own projects. 

Member:  Charlie Ward basically said that the Chinese balloon is bs...basically a wakeup call by the white hats for the normies. He put it in different words, but that in a nutshell

Menber: we need to scare them awake somehow

Member: So much disinformation lately like it was said would happen! Don’t know what to believe. 

Member:  Have a Great Day everyone.

Member: Thank you MarkZ!! See you all this evening



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