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Post by Ssmith Sun Feb 05, 2023 3:24 pm

Let’s talk reality today and see just where Iraq is and where it is going as far as completing the currency reform project.
This week the Finance Committee met with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Al-Alaq, and talked about proposals that will be put forward to reduce economic pressure on the citizens, pointing out that the CBI will issue, during the next two days, new instructions with the aim of finding quick solutions for the dinar crisis. 

Remember the prime minister put Alaq as proxy governor with a three month proxy commission to solve this problem.

There are some of the measures that the CBI already took and announced to lessen the rate of the dollar against the dinar. 
However, the rate of the dollar still rises and could soon read 2000 dinars per 1 dollar. 
This is a huge devaluation of the dinar from even the 1450 never mind the 1280. 

One of the most significant changes to banking policy was to allow payment of imports and debt of merchants in any currency including dinars. 
To accommodate this move the banks can also buy and sell other international currencies as they would have to in conjunction with this move.
Some of these additional instructions from the CBI will include increasing the number of outlets and facilitating procedures for granting banking licenses, opening direct agencies for merchants who import materials from abroad, and controlling border crossings to find out the true volume of the country’s imports. 
And he continued, “These measures must be taken quickly at the internal level, while the external level will become clear after the visit of the Iraqi delegation to negotiate with the American side on the 10th of February.

On Tuesday, economic expert Ahmed Saddam identified two possible explanations for Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani’s description of the dinar as stronger than the dollar. 
Saddam said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that the talk of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, that the dinar is stronger than the dollar. 
They are using the new US Treasury electronic platform to audit each invoice for dollar purchase. 
The difference between 180-250 million and the current 50 million using the new platform is amazing. 

So where did all this extra money go. 
It is fraud, get it? 
They have been stealing this money for almost 2 decades. 
This is also why the CBI reserves had a 15 billion climb since December alone, the money is no longer being stolen.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani had said earlier that the Iraqi dinar was “stronger” than the dollar, while urging citizens not to acquire dollars.  
I have been telling everyone this FACT for years now and so we hear it now from the new prime minister himself.
There is no more hiding it that they are artificially suppressing the rate of the Iraqi dinar using the peg of the dollar and currency auctions to do it. 

I quote from the article by Security expert, Aqeel Al-Taie – “US plans aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of Iraq, pointing out that America is using the Joker card to recreate the 2014 scenario in Iraq in the event of failure to implement its agendas and achieve its interests. 
“America did not come to serve Iraq, but rather it is working as an occupying country to weaken the country and achieve the greatest possible benefit for it by linking its fate to its agenda”.
The poker card is America dominating the Iraqi economy through the transfer of Iraqi money from oil imports to the American federal account and then it is up to the US Treasury to send shipments of paper notes to Iraq at the request of Iraq to fund their economy.


Do you see why now they want to keep the dollar strong in Iraq and through it they control Iraq.
He added, “America uses pressure factors on Iraq, especially if it finds that the government does not comply with its requirements and interests”. 
And he indicated that “America, as it did in 2014, is trying to recreate the terrorist ISIS scenario and exploit the areas where terrorism gathers and its presence, especially the Al-Hol camp in Syria, where it uses it to threaten Iraq and some countries that are not in line with its directions.

So now you hear about the manipulation from America first hand from someone in Iraq who is in a position to know. 
This notion of manipulation by the US is reality. 
This is dangerous for Iraq.  
This 2003 war was all about $$$$ and they certainly managed to get their share. 
So, where is our share? 
Did we as investors not invest put billions into Iraq helping it in its time of need. 
Why do these greedy politicians get to take, take from Iraq leaving us holding the bag? 
They tell us we will get our share when the Iraqi people get theirs yet they make no attempt to push the country ahead and now we know why. 
Any delay in getting the 2023 budget to parliament is worth noting that the delay in its approval is negative and its passage can contribute to the stability of the dollar exchange rates too. 
Heck… they are talking about not even “maybe” not even getting the budget passed until March.

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