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Guru MarkZ 2/3/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Fri Feb 03, 2023 1:55 pm

Member: Welcome to another weekend 

Member: Hoping today is the day!!

Member: Good morning! Hoping for good news..I am sending psychic vibes and visualizing going to the redemption centers. Blessings to everyone!

Membe:  REALLY confused as to how we went from estimating SO CLOSE a few short days (probably no MrC) to kinda "whenever"...what changed?

MZ: We are still really close. Nothing has changed on this front at all. We are all just trying to stay grounded in these last yo-yo days. 

Member:  How long did Kuwiat yo-yo before they RV’d?

MZ: Just a couple of weeks. They yo-yo’d a couple of weeks and then complete silence for about 10 days as they RV’d in-country . But, this was before the internet and before cell phones. 

MZ: Been texting with Sheila…Here is what she said “They traded in the ISX all week long and celebrated with fireworks last night over it.” (in Iraq Proper) …but no breaking news on the Sheila front. 

Member: I wonder what were the fireworks for? 

MZ: Here is what we are hearing. On the northern European side….they saw something encouraging overnight. I got this from one source originally…and then heard it from a couple others in defferent regions and areas….that they were showing .68 cents for the dinar against the US dollar. Reviving the rumor of a possible quick float. 

MZ: I was told that even if it floats it will not affect our contract rate….ours will be collected with the “Oil for Dinar Contract” unless you just go into the regular bank….in which case…the float/street rate is what you will get. 

MZ: That rate may be inaccurate…but it is interesting we are getting that yo-yo on the banking screens. Most of my sources believe it’s locked in at a $3.90 street rate.  

MZ: The bond people are still hearing ”hey, be here tomorrow …they are to do this over the weekend” They hear the 3a groups over the weekend and the 4a tier getting funds the first of the week and us in the 4b group going to the banks/Redemption Centers. We will see. 

MZ: the chatter remains good though. It is constant right now…Things are fluid ……Probably the most encouraging parts are what we are hearing out of Nader, MilitiaMan and Dr. Pruitt. We are seeing so many sources on the ground in Iraq giving us supporting evidence and news on the impending change.    

Member: What is your opinion on timing?

MZ: Maybe a week…maybe two…tops as we watch this all play out. The weekend really does look good. 

Member:  Militia Man with a good Youbey Tubey last night! Was happy to hear an in depth breakdown of the Central Bank.

MZ: He had a really good review on what is going on in Iraq. Be sure to go listen to his youtube and like and subscribe. He has given so much over the years….be sure to support him …he gives a great overview of what we have seen in Iraq the last few weeks. . 

Member:  Mark Important, Iraq and Zimbabwe have joined B.R.I.C.K.S. Vietnam has applied to join, they have to be asset backed. Per Charlie Ward.

Member: I wonder what they want to get done before they flip the switch?

Member: Maybe they are waiting for things to be safe and secure?

Member: We will be waiting forever if we have to wait for things to be "safe.' That's an excuse to keep us hanging.

Member:  Let the RV appointment games begin! Hopefully, not the "Hunger games."

Member: May the sun shine into each of your lives today!

Member:  I am praying good news and good fortune for everybody today. 

MZ: I am taking the night off tonight….friends coming in to visit. I am expecting news from groups and bond folks overnight tonight…..so I will be here tomorrow morning at 11 est. 

Mr. Cottrell  joins the stream about minute 15:00. Please listen to the replay for his opinions.

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