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"STATUS OF RV" BY DINAR IRAQ AND DONG VIETNAM 1/28/23 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ssmith Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:01 pm


So, we had some “WOW” news this week with the inauguration of Ali Alaq as the director of the Central Bank once again.

His job is permanent until they want to let him go….again…. 
We must stop for a moment and ask the significance of this move by Al-Sudani to appoint Ali Alaq back as director. 
What was Ali Alaq’s efforts toward the currency reform of the dinar?

His credentials in this matter are sited as second to none compared to Dr. Shabibi and other financial analysts working in the IMF. 
What can we expect from Mr. Alaq in the near future?

After he gets situated in his seat again at the helm of the CBI, he will have to be briefed on what has been taking place since his departure. 
I believe we can expect the same sort of communication to the people that we had in the past about where we stand with the project to delete the zeros and any move to go international and follow the White Paper plan or Al Sudani’s new plan (which is still essentially the same White Paper plan).

This will probably take place in a week or two.

Ali Alq’s first challenge will be get the inflation under control and work with the US. 
He has already told us in 2020 that he did not support the devaluation of the dinar to 1450 that took place.

He said there were other measures that they could have implemented with less effect on the average citizen and economy. 
So, this gives us a hint as to where he is coming from since he is more experienced in his field.  
The US Treasury is not going to notify the banks prior to a rate change of any of the currencies.

Yes, the QMF does show a new rate for the IQD and it was $3.80 last time I checked. 
But this does not mean this is the rate they will necessarily show on FOREX. 
In fact in reality it should be the rate but because of other criteria the US Treasury along with the IMF may decide to initially go with a smaller rate closer to a dollar.

How many times have I thought we were very close, yet there is always something that stops it. 
Over the years we witnessed these events that seemed to prevent the reforms from going forward. 
Events like the takeover of the Central Bank by Nori al-Maliki and ousting of Dr Shabibi 2012-2013.

Then the war on ISIS 2014-2017and then this effort seemed to go into limbo for a few years. 
What really happened after ISIS was defeated? 
Why did they not complete the reforms?

Oh, if you remember an election was run after ISIS defeat and the Iranian backed prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s was elected in place 2018. 
We also witnessed a massive set of sanctions put on Iran during the Trump administration 2017-2019. 
This enticed Iran to ramp up its corruption schemes in the currency auctions.

Also don’t forget that the Iranian backed Kud forces militias were left in place after the ISIS defeat and forced many of the districts to hire themselves over the Iraqi citizens. 
This too eventually has to be addressed.

Then there was the pandemic of 2020 that led to low oil prices. 
Instead of draining the Iranian swamp they were busy draining the Iraq coffers. 
Yes, the years ticked by and here we are today….. 2023.

During the Kazemi caretaker government, the US Treasury came into Iraq to set up an electronic platform to audit the currency auctions. 
This was months before Al-Sudani was elected as the new prime minister.

At that time we heard about the training process at the banks and now we see the full implementation of the new platform and the effects of using it.
Oh…. yet these Iranian backed politicians don’t like what is going on and will slander and lie about the US and why they are doing it.

So, the results so far are very good and the currency auctions amounts have dropped significantly back to almost normal levels, levels we have not seen since the currency auctions first started.

We can be assured, in part, that the current cleanup efforts of the Iranian corruption will ultimately lead to the reinstatement, and this may be the final story to this ongoing saga.

But one issue I will elaborate on again is they certainly do not need to advance their economy any more than it is in order to support the rate we are now seeing in the QMF system.

Certainly, Iraq is much better position today than in 2003. 
As investors we should relax and know that the move to international status once again is inevitable for Iraq. 
This influence of the WEF on Iraq is real but will not last for long.

No matter how much the deep state globalists would like to prevent it they cannot stop it indefinitely. 
If they hold it back any longer it will only mean more exposure to themselves to manipulate the world’s economies. 
It is right in our faces now.

Timing of the RV
In the midst of everything we see happening in Iraq still I know the overall plan and this is a plan for Iraq to return them to a global economic power for the middle east. 
We are still in January and the 2023 budget is not yet opened (heck it is  not even passed yet) and so there is still plenty of time to see what will happen this year. 

This political news I bring is not personal and like I said, I don’t care what your party affiliation, religion, race or nationality is.

 “Do you really think that they are going to let you keep all this money, if it does RV and they do pull off this Central Bank Digital Currency”? 
If you read Biden’s executive order 14067 they plan on doing a bail-in which means sweeping accounts to fix the crashed economy that they intentionally created. 
Don’t tell me they can’t do it or that you will have you money protected because they will find ways to get it.

 “What kind of world do you think it will be like afterwards, if these sinister WEF and UN unelected officials have their way in manipulating the world to their version of a One World Government” 
What good is all your money going to do for you without Freedom, Liberty and Justice? 
How long do you think you are going to have all this money, if this is the case?

They will find ways to come after you and take it. 
Remember at this point they create all the laws not the US Constitution or Bill of Rights. 
So stop thinking you will be protected under the law when they make the laws or that they have the power and control to break them at will, as we already see playing out so this is all not too far fetched, is it? 

This is all so interconnected to our investment in the Iraqi dinar. If you can’t see it by now I can’t help you.
Also, I need to keep explaining how the puppets in the US govt have already eroded our US Constitution and Bill of Rights towards this goal of a totalitarian and fascist style of government.

It is not “if” it is coming but rather it has already begun. 
Can’t you see it?
If what we have experienced especially over these last 6 years is a taste of what is to come once these globalist have total power and control, I don’t want anything to do with it.

They perpetrate a global pandemic and kill millions, they force immigration on nations in total disregard to sovereignty, push defunding police, organize riots in our streets, and corrupt our election process. 
Are these really the people you want to run the world?

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