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Guru MarkZ 1/26/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Fri Jan 27, 2023 2:42 pm

Member: Good Thursday Evening t everyone 

Member:  Does anyone else feel like you’re a child on Christmas Eve too? Lol

Mmber: I said earlier all this waiting reminds me of the last week of my pregnancy, now you know guys how it feels!

Member:  Ok, at the first of the month I predicted we would still be listening to Mr. C on Feb 3. Am I going to be proved wrong this weekend?????

Member:  I am hoping Mr. C can’t make it tomorrow….because he’s busy and has a NDA

Member: Alexa said RV expected on the 31st! Yay. Hope she is right. Course, she isn't always so I guess we shall see

Member: What did you hear Alexa say Mark?

MZ: Plays a video: Question: Alexa when will the revaluation of foreign currency take place?  Alexa”  The foreign currency revaluation is considered to be on January 31st. 

MZ: So Alexa says there is a projected date of Jan. 31st….2023…I thought that one was awfully neat. It could mean nothing but it is certainly fun. 

MZ: The news tonight is mostly out of the Rumor Mill.  My phone has been very busy. Based on all of the calls this should be our last Friday with Mr. C.  There is some very positive stuff and even CMKX has expectations of deliveries within the week. 

MZ: there is a lot of chatter about Iraq going in the wee hours tonight/tomorrow morning. I think we may still be a couple of days premature….based on my gut……but I’m hearing it will be sooner than that from the sheer number of contacts that have reached out to me. . 

MZ: So now that this rumor is out there…remember to stay calm. I believe we are going to see a lot of misdirection and chatter over the next couple of days. So prepare yourself for a few days of absolute crazy. 

MZ: The news today has been overwhelmingly awesome. I wish I could tell you everything but do not want to get myself in trouble so I can’t exchange. 

MZ: A little world news:  “Gazprombank asked clients not to make transfers in dollars” This is to be starting after tomorrow. This is another nail in the coffin of the Petrodollar. 

MZ: From Citibank : This is the year of the rabbit. And the year for prosperity and yes…they are giving away lots of cool things. Lots of golden rabbit jewelry. I don’t know if they have ever done that before. Go to banking.citi.com   and you can see all of these things. 

Member: I watched that video fom Dr. Kia Pruitt today and what they was given from Citibank…..wow. 

Member:  Dallas on PPN said that the rate on both Dinar and Dong is way way bigger than anyone thinks. Just an FYI

Member:  So if the IDX is listed on the Abu Dhabi exchange before the RV, why not the NASDAQ?

Member: Guess we will see on the 29th….at least that is the rumor

Member:  markz Do you think all this positive news could be just another head fake? Are we in for the final run or not?

Member:  Hey Mark. Like it was told to us long ago we would have a shotgun start. Wouldn’t that make sense we all go at the same time so no one gets out there and buys everything up?

Member: MARKZ ? When we exchange at Bank "A", is our money protected THEN by this QFS system?

Member: I hear the redemption center or bank will open your account on the qfs, so yes it will be protected then.

Member: Husband asked at chase n a credit union if they r aware of QFS both said yes n smiled. Phoenix

Member: Anyone hear of Union Bank? They are merging with US Bank?

Member: I've never seen a citibank building in my area until today there's a shiny new one in my town. Popped up out of nowhere.

Member: Does anyone know if IRAN currency going together with Iraqi Dinar?

Member: it is supposed to and at a rate close to Iraq……

Member: That was the plan for Iran to go in the first basket at a little less than Iraq….…..not sure what the plan is now that they have been “acting up” so, the Iranian Rial is “up in the air” right now.  

Member: is the Bolivar in the first basket?

MZ: I believe it will be included in the first basket. 

Member: Does it still look like some of the banks will have a redemption center inside ?

MZ: Absolutely. The majority of the RC’s will simply be a bank branch equipped with trained,  knowledgeable people and equipment for our currency exchanges. They count it right there in front of you and you get your deposit.  

MZ: So some will be stand alone buildings, and some may be just an office in the bank. And 90 percent of the currency holders in the US will have a location within 50 miles of them…the exceptions will be if you live somewhere like the middle of Wyo or Montana , S Dakota or N. Dakota….places with sparse populations may have to drive a bit further.  

Member: I wonder if those in control will let the dollar completely die with a period of despair just for the optics of the "movie"?

Member: We have had enough despair……we need to rebuild this world…so we need the RV to do that.

Member: Hello Mark remember early tomorrow morning is Holy Day in the mosques where they like to announce good things to the people!!!

Member: The Best is Yet To Come


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