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Guru MarkZ 1/27/23 am DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 1/27/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Fri Jan 27, 2023 2:38 pm

Member: Good Morning all of you fine folks, seems like a good day to say, “ Laissez les hon temps roller”l. For the non Cajuns, “Let the good times roll”.

Member: Hope everyone is having a great day

Member: I always thought a good/logical time to pull the trigger is after markets close on a Friday or Sat Night when all banks are closed worldwide…….but that would mean the PTB are logical……lol

Member: This Sat may actually be that time with the 29th being Sun and the ISX supposed to be on the NASDAQ starting then 

MZ: Hopefully this is our last broke Friday. You can feel how close we are . It’s in the air. The old system is breaking….you can feel it. 

MZ: There is a whole lot of continued bank chatter.  But the news from Iraq has been very quiet on the RV front overnight. 

MZ: There is a lot of chatter about logistics, who gets paid , and possibly the budget over the weekend. 

MZ: My contacts in Redemption centers, who also work in Wealth Management as their job. They have been trained to process foreign currency. They are on call this weekend. At the last update which was late yesterday, they are expecting it to be a very hard work week next week with the new system…

MZ: They are very excited about what is due to happen….According to them ….the first of the week and possibly over the weekend. 

MZ: I am still getting a lot of reports from many contacts with Prosperity Packages, Settlements , CMKX ect….that they are looking for weekend deliveries late in the weekend …..so my guess is Sunday for that at the earliest. 

MZ: I am hopeful this time they will actually get it done in the month of January….if not, it won’t go far past it….imo . 

Member: Wouldn’t we need to join BRICS since those countries are gold/asset backed and have started Nesara/Gesara?

MZ: No we do not need to join them first. BRICS is a way of forcing the US to the table. Forcing the system to break if they don’t replace it. 

Member: Dinar Recaps: “Moscow approached Baghdad to move to paying trade exchange w/the ruble or Chinese yuan, imitigating the effects of the US dollar crisis.” on the Iraqi market.

Member: Do you think they will kick the can or drag this out again???

MZ: Nothing appears to be dragging out…..God knows I am praying this is it….we all need a break …but again no one knows the exact date….We can tell you what we are hearing and what the news is right now. I will be very burnt…like all of you if this doesn’t happen as we expect it to …we are all in this together. 

MZ: We know this is a “when” not an “if” We can see everything in the world around us is coming unglued and we know that assets and commodities are going to be the things that matter moving forward. 

Member:  people ask Alexa what is the date of the RV it's response was January 31st

Member: I'm hearing we get gold backed currency on the 31st???

Member: The new stock market has already started & it’s called Stellar….imo

Member: Did you all see Dr Kia Pruitt video yesterday about Citibank? Very encouraging 

MZ: Yes, we talked about that yesterday on the stream……very interesting. 

Member: I am new….Do we need to register or send our dinar anywhere to exchange?

Member: NEVER REGISTER YOUR DINAR ANYWHERE! Sign up for Dinar Recaps newsletter (free) and you will receive email notification when/how you can make an appointment to exchange.

Member: Mark, Bruce, Recaps, Chronicles, Frank, TNT and others will be posting that information…..it will be everywhere…you will not miss it. 

Member: Dr Scott Young New YouTube Nesara Basics streaming right now…..!!!!!!!

Member: After the RV/Nesara there will be some confused folks, especially the elderly, that will need some neighborly guidance. Be patient with them

Member: After the RV/Nesara I will find it very hard not to say “I told you so”   lol

Member: This will be our motto Making tracks leaving a path for someone else to find their way

Member: Stock market crash A new Beginning!

Member: It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...REM song

Thanks Mark, Mods and Mr.C  praying this is the weekend we have all been waiting for!!!

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