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Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 26, 2023 2:27 pm

Member: good morning everyone, watching and waiting.

Member:  Today's memory: 1835-Andrew Jackson pays off national debt. Second Bank of America closed. One year later, Federal Reserve formed and U.S. in debt ever since.

MZ: ISX is on the Abu Dhabi exchange!

Member: Good Morning, now isn’t this banner exciting! No wonder Markz was so giddy last night.

Member: Put your seat in the upright position and buckle your seat belt….. we are nearing the approach 

Member: if they are on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange…..wouldnt they have to have a new rate? 

Member: Remember,,,,,, any rate you see or hear right now is purely speculation.

Member: Does ISX mean Iraqi Stock Exchange?

Member: yes it does

Member: ADX posted an article 3 hours earlier expecting an increase in listings in 2023. Interesting...

MZ: This is probably our biggest piece of news telling us how quickly we are moving forward. ‘

MZ: “Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) “  For those who can see there is a ticker running and it has listed as of today….who is on their stock exchange…..and right there is listed the IQD or ISX.-Iraq is on a foreign exchange  platform in Abu Dhabi today for trading. 

MZ: For that to occur I was told they need a sound currency. Now, contrary to some of the rumors out there…this has not been announced yet in the streets…..but it has been announced that they are going to do this….My guess is there was a “behind the door” deal for them to keep their dates on exchanges. 

MZ: Things should get very interesting over the next few days. I am still hearing this is our month even though there is just a few days left. I am still hearing when it rolls over to Feb 1st they have revalued their currency. I pray this is accurate. 

Member: When Kuwait RV’s it took over 10 days for it to be on forex. 

MZ: That is correct. But, I don’t’think it today’s world of internet leaks and instant communication….they cannot just turn a country on and off like they did 30 years ago. 

Member: Mark how are you staying so calm with this overwhelming good news????

MZ: I have to. This is my coping mechanism. This is keeping me sane right now. A calm mind is necessary. 

Member: I have learned over the years that if I let myself get excited…the disappointment when it doesn’t happen is very painful….better to stay optimistic than excited. 

Member: if Iraq goes alone I sure wonder what the rate is going to be

Member: no one knows rates until you get into your appointment….Plan for the worst and hope for the best . 

Member:  So Mark, could you explain if Iraq goes first does it completely negates the rest of them or do they just go at some point later?

Member: Mark said last week that if Iraq goes alone ….Vienam should also be right behind and the rest a little bit later……

MZ: I am always concerned that Iraq will get tired of waiting on the rest of the world and just decide to go alone. I am prepared for it just in case. You all have to make your own decisions. But I am told if Iraq decides to go it alone…Vietnam will be right on their heels. And the rest will RV a little bit later…..I believe this to be true. 

MZ: But, I am still hearing they expect it all to go at once. 

MZ: if Iraq and Vietnam go first…..then we could take advantage and buy other currencies including more gold and silver. 

Member: I am prayin if Iraq goes alone we still get a higher contract rate…..I guess we should soon find out. 

Member: Last night on MSM they said that the House of Reps is looking at a change to a national sales tax….isn;t that part of Nesara???

MZ: Yes it is. I believe this is part of their disclosure. To prepare the public for a national sales tax. 

Member: Stock market crash tomorrow? That what I am hearing

MZ: Some more news: “Iraqi Delegation to Washington to discuss easing US restrictions on banks “ Thousands of Iraqis flock to Baghdad from various provinces in angry demonstrations about the deterioration of the dinar exchange rate.  These restrictions by the US  caused the value of the dinar to slide at least 10%.  The US is trying to sanction Iran by not allowing anything to go across the border from Iraq to iran. The people are upset. 

MZ: So now the Iraqi government now has permission to change their value….They will lose decades of progress if they do not pull the trigger. So they are in Washington and want those restrictions lifted…..then BAM we have a new value. That is the way I see it. 

MZ: I am in a “any moment” frame of mind. 

Member: Nader has a new, common sense video about helping the economy

MZ: I have not had a chance to watch it yet. 

Member: There is a video out by Dr. Kia Pruit about Citibank and how to exchange foreign currencies. 

MZ: Yes that video showed Citibank and some of their accounts. And what is expected when you go into exchange foreign currencies….video is very interesting and states “When asked, about certain things you will receive exclusive gold pendants…..This is pretty neat and if it is a fake in any way….somebody went to a whole lot of effort  The question was asked “Who is supplying all these gifts?” and the anser was “The Chinses Elders”  

MZ: it’s a very interesting video to watch …I will drop the link in my daily links today…..Its only 2 minutes and 49 seconds long …  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ktBJWojDCw 

Member: Mark, my friend is in Costa Rica and the news said to stock on food bc the USD is about to collapse!

MZ: I would love to be able to find a link to that article. 

Member:  I wonder if we should we be watching for the new rate to be first publicized in the Iraqi gazette on a Saturday or Monday?

Member:  I have always heard to moves East to West, if so, this is the longest progress in movement I have seen. For the betterment of those suffering the worst, praying it goes SOON! (worst word EVER)

Member: Excited. we are getting so close. I cleaned out the dead moths and cobwebs out of my wallet!

Member: I am going to dust off the “going to the bank” clothes…..hope they still fit…lol

MZ: I am still hoping I get to wear that gold hat this week. I have a sense of peace that we are seeing the completion of this thing. 

Member: Thank you Markz and mods! Everyone have a blessed day!

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