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Guru MarkZ 1/15/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 26, 2023 2:26 pm

Member: Good Evening…. Lots of anticipation in the air.
Member: I pray you all had a super fantastic day today. This is getting very very interesting. Are you ready?
MZ: It’s a great time to be alive….very exciting.
Member: Did your European bond connections get full liquidity today?
MZ: No they did not. Not yet.

MZ: Some of the rumors I have been hearing. I am being told by the overwhelming majority of my sources are expecting the international rate for the dinar to be $ 3.22 right now.
Member: Well that’s higher than $1.66 of the NEER rate.……..still great news.
MZ: I have also heard from a couple of folks that it could come out around $1.46 and then float. I do not expect that. The overwhelming majority are looking for $3+ It will be overwhelmingly life changing for the vast majority of us that are involved.
MZ: Everyone stay excited and don’t worry about things you cannot change.
MZ: My contacts from redemptions centers are still on call and have no idea what to expect on timing….yet.
MZ: I had no idea that MilitiaMan had started his own channel. I am very excited about that. He usually has awesome information. His latest is a deep dive into the Iraqi Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq and what that means and when we may see values. It was only 8 minutes long or so…..It looks like a new channel.
MilitiaMan:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3DS4Ze_4V4

Member:  Mark TNT said tomorrow or Friday his contact at treasury said Iraq going alone @3.22
Member: TNT said Iraq good chance they go alone?
Member: I asked my teller at WF if she had seen the new money. She winked and said “We are not supposed to talk about that too much until directed”
MZ: You cannot keep this thing completely a secret.
Member: Banking people know more than they are saying.
Member: Nadar just had another video about an hour ago?  Attempted reassurance from Nadar from the Middle East tonight.
Member: Nadars had a post warning all to be careful w 800 numbers, do not trust anyone, keep funds w you, do not mail in…he was smiling a lot.
Member: Listening to Nader now . he’s saying there is going to be no redemption centers or 800 numbers. Nader from the middle east. just saying
Member: yes and that would tend to fit in with what franks saying
Member: Guess we will find out when we make our appointments.

MZ: 99% of Naders video I absolutely agree with. It is not going to RV in Iraq only and no one will have to travel to Iraq. I politely disagree with the statement there will be no 800 numbers here in the US……., but everyone has their own opinion. Many other countries are used to dealing with different currencies so they may be different.
Member: Going to Iraq to exchange doesn’t even make sense…imo
MZ: We have been told from the beginning that we will get numbers or a secure link with information telling us how to schedule our apt ect……I have been in one and am confident some areas will have redemption centers with trained people to deal with all our foreign currencies. I know people involved in the process that work at them. So I am absolutely convinced there will be redemption centers.
MZ: in smaller areas and 99% of the time it may be in an unused office at a bank……bigger spaces in busier areas. They will have staff, equipment and knowledgeable people on hand to help us with our exchanges. Do not be concerned.
Member: Many of the tier one banks have been found guilty of some wrongdoing. It’s tough to trust them for the RV for sure!
Member: Texas Snake and Mark knows people in redemption centers. I am not worried.
Member: latest frank final article would suggest dinar will go 145 dinar to 1 dollar…which would be removal of a zero
MZ: For all you newbys. Be sure to watch Dr. Shabibi answering questions abou the RV from several years ago. He talks about how these rates will be possible.  
Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME
Member: I just want to Thank-You Mark for your patience, knowledge and awesome personality to do this everyday! God has truly blessed Us with having You as a Mentor and Friend! May God continue to bless You!

Member: Mark you are so good at releasing calmly common sense info….Thank you.

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