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Gurus Nader & MarkZ 1/26/23 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Gurus Nader & MarkZ 1/26/23

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Gurus Nader & MarkZ 1/26/23 Empty Gurus Nader & MarkZ 1/26/23

Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 26, 2023 2:24 pm

Today Sudani made the decision to change the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. How much I don’t know? When?  This week or next week I don’t know but he made a decision.  The decision has been made.How much I don’ know.  I can be 1180.  It can be 1160.  Can be 1 to 1.  I don’t know. 

[(Guru) Nader…said the rate had been decided but he did not know what it was or when they were going to announce it]

Nader was the first to break this news but, I am hearing the same from multiple sources…multiple confirmation about this news and none are associated with Nader. Some confirmations from people on the ground in Iraq…of late announcements from Iraq that the decision has been made to raise or increase the value of the dinar in comparison to the Us dollar. We don’t know what it is yet or when they are going to execute it. But, we know they have made the decision to pull the trigger.

…we do not know what that rate is going to be.  But the dinar will become far more valuable than the US dollar. Will it be 30% higher and float…or $1, or $1.66 or will go all at once with the gold treaty… ?  We don’t know yet. Now we have to wait and see what that value is going to be….and how quickly they move on it… I am still hearing from my banking contacts and they are absolutely expecting it to happen by Feb. 1st…which is a very short window right now.

I am hearing leaves being canceled and vacations being canceled from a couple of banking sources… Street level banks believe they will be busy with the new system starting Feb. 1st… Things are ratcheting up.

It’s a great time to be alive…very exciting…I am being told by the overwhelming majority of my sources are expecting the international rate for the dinar to be $ 3.22 right now. I have also heard from a couple of folks that it could come out around $1.46 and then float. I do not expect that. The overwhelming majority are looking for $3+

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