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Guru MarkZ 1/24/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Wed Jan 25, 2023 2:16 pm

Member: Is the pic on your video our ship coming in????
Member: Good evening Mark is it time to turn the grill on to Make some Rv Burgers
Member: Like Mark says use common sense and look at the fundamentals. This is happening I. The very near future
MZ: “President of the Republic : The budget will be approved soon”  this was said during a large meeting of fellow leaders throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They are working on trade and payment options that do not involve the US dollar. Banking between their respective nations. He is assuring all these other leaders that Iraq is in an exceptionally good place.
Member: After the RV can we wipe the word “soon” from our vocabulary? Asking for a friend.

MZ: My redemption Center folks while on a heightened level of alert do not have any news to share. They are just standing at the ready to go.
MZ: Bond folks are still hearing a lot of rumbling while nobody has received any dollars yet. There is supposed to be a lot of movement overnight tonight and tomorrow on historic bonds.  We will see if that occurs or not. They have sure been making a lot of promises to a lot of folks.
Membr: Nader said he would sing when it goes…..he just released a video of him singing…..nothing else.
MZ: I did not know that ……may have to go listen ….That comment makes me feel warm and fuzzy. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/EQWduvfweYE
Member: How will it work exchanging the Zim?
MZ: I have been told (and believe it to be accurate) that we will have 3 options. The money you take home to spend on yourselves will not change in all options. The difference is what you get solely for humanitarian projects.
1. Is to not do a project. You will take home money in your pockets. No restrictions. No strings attached.

2. you receive money to take home and can pick projects from pre-approved charities.The entire increased amount you receive is only for projects.
3.  You present your own projects ….anything above what you get for personal use goes to your projects. We are told funds will be traunched to you for your projects. You will not be given it the day of your exchange appointment. They need to vet you and make sure you are capable of executing your projects. This option will come with a lot of strings attached. .
Member: How old is this zim information?
MZ: Pretty old but things have not changed
Member: why do we have to sign a rate NDA? are we all given different rates? if there is a contract rate, don’t we all get the same?
Member: All the rates will be locked in for our exchange and the NDA is for our protection and confidentiality, according to those in the know.
Member: I’m a newbie (?) can anyone in chat give the rate for Dinar?
Member: What it the rate for the Zim?
Member: Be sure to watch Marks “Back to Basics “video for newbies…(link is below)
MZ: I have been very strongly warned to not talk about rates here. I do not want to risk not being able to do my exchange.

Member:  Mark update on Nick Flemming is stage 4 cancer he is still alive as I know of so Prayers for Him Plz
Member:  Prayers for Nick, Okie and Walkingstick……and everyone in need of healing . Prayers fpr Mark and the loss of his friend last night.
Member: Bless the citizens of Iraq.   They are soon gaining their freedom
Member:  Mark and mods…..you’re the best thank you for everything you all do

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