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Guru MarkZ 1/23/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 24, 2023 3:04 pm

Member: GOOD Evening Mark All Mods and Everyone
Member: We are one day closer. God knows the timing. It will be amazing when it happens.
Member: After all these yrs nice to see this all playing out. Hard evidence
Member: I feel good news is knocking on the door!
MZ: We have the end in sight-according to the news coming out of Iraq.

Member: Iraq is supposed to get listed on the stock exchange on the 29th… that means they have to have a solid currency!!!!! No international trading without it
MZ: Yes……we expect they need the new rate to go onto the ISX. That is the general consensus from many, many people.
Member: What is the ISX???
MZ: That is the Iraqi stock exchange which is supposed to be listed on our own NASDAQ and traded there as well. For them to be traded on that internationally they are going to need an internationally recognized currency. This is the overwhelming consensus from experts all across the globe.
Member: Do you believe it will happen on the 29th?
MZ: Based on the news from the ISX and Iraq’s ascension to the World Trade Organization (WTO)  sometime this week…..it’s sure possible.
Member: Anything new about the dong?

MZ: It;s still expected to with the dinar and all the other currencies at the same time .
MZ: in Iraq:…the news shows us we are in the final days of this game. “Al Sudani sacks the Governor of the CBI”  They had given him a deadline to get this done….it was not accomplished so they sacked him.
MZ: Now, what is important   “After his appointment as Governor of the Central Bank, Al Alaq : “One of our first task is to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar”  They want to restore its value as one of their very first things. One of the news stores says they have given him 90 days to restore that value.
MZ: This does not mean we will be waiting 90 more days. We could still see it when the ISX goes international. All this is planned and imo things are moving quickly.
Member: Kuwait said 90 days then they did it the next day
MZ: “Central Bank:  The decision to activate electronic payments includes the private and public sector” They are setting up electronic means to pay everyone and distribute money amongst government employees, pensioners ect….. this is a very important thing for them to have functioning when this goes….
MZ: in the banking world, the paymasters, the group leaders are extremely keen about tomorrow. but, they were also keen on a couple days last week so I am not reading a lot into it yet. I am more excited about the real news out of Iraq. But my contacts are convinced tomorrow may be magical. I am going to stay grounded and if they are right I’m going to get all giddy and excited and come screaming in here to share it with all of you.
Member: I saw Charlie Ward with a gold tie and Handkerchief. Hope that’s a sign!
Member: Mark,  do you feel the dinar will be a neer or reinstated,?
Member: If we get a NEER (nominal effective exchange rate) rate, does that start a float from point?

Member: the NEER is only if Iraq goes alone …..its rumored to be $1.66
Member: no one knows if it will be NEER or full blown RV no one knows
Member: Dinar could REER at $1.60, RI at $3.22 or RV at any other rate
Member: What dates of dinar will be good to exchange
Member: The Iraqi dinar became available October 15. 2003. Currency’s older are for collecting only. you can look it up
Member: Are we going to have to have a wealth manager when going into redeem?
NZ: No…..but they will suggest you use one of theirs …but you do not need one beforehand.
Member: I live in C. FL and last Fri I ask my local STATE bank if they had available the ‘rainbow money’, after being on hold, she came bank and told me “Not Yet !”
Member: Thanks to all…..things are heating up. So grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.

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