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Guru MarkZ 1/23/23  am DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 1/23/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Mon Jan 23, 2023 2:26 pm

Member: Good morning all ... love all around. Prayers for a successful week 

Member: Good Morning all....Hope this is a WEEK to remember.

Member: How excited are you IRAQ will float on their stock exchange 29th January !!! Boom !

Member: I am confident this thing is happening very soon. Or maybe a kick off with Iraq going by itself?

Member: We cannot RV until Iraq has a complete and working international platform…..the ISX 

MZ: if Iraq is going to have a working international ISX on the 29th…this is in 6 days…..this means the new rate needs to go before then….I would think…..that is what logic dictates. . 

MZ: We have more news than normal for a Monday…..This is a bonus….Will the RV go live this week?  I don’t know but, there is a tremendous amount of chatter and expectations for the next 2 days…..Let’s hope they are right. 

Member: I hear the Chinese Elders are so ready to get this off the ground

Member: is it true they are replacing the CBI governor?

MZ: We are trying to pin that down to be absolutely confident. There are rumors that the director of the CBI has stepped down. Why is this important? Sudani said early in this process that if the CBI was hesitant to release it….they would replace the director of the CBI. Everything is ready….they have done everything they need to do for a revaluation……I am assuming…based on evidence I can see…..is Sudani has made the decision to force the issue on a change in value…..personally I am excited. . 

Member: Lots of articles say they are replacing him…..

Member: the prime minister of Iraq removed the CBI governor…according to their news. Shafaq News/ A prominent leader revealed today, Monday, the scenes of PM Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani’s decision to dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank and assign Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq to replace him.

MZ: IMO this is enormous. 

Member: Iraq that they can't pay the salaries now cuz they're running out of money? just revalue already!

MZ: Here is a humdinger:  “Sudani: We are supervising the completion of a “different” budget and continue our support for the restoration of our exchange rate”  This headline should tell us all what we need to know. Sudani has been very clear they want a “Restoration to their previous glory” exchange rate. To a pre-Kuwaiti war rate. …Pre Gulf War rate. 

Member: Nader makes it sound like big things are coming

Member: Nader couldn’t buy airline ticket with fiat… had to pay in Dinar

Member: Nadar's last video said they can only buy air tickets with dinar and NOT dollars!!

MZ: Its all part of the de-dollarization. We knew this was coming….they have been telling us de-dollarization was coming.  I guarantee you this has folks at the UST mighty nervous. 

Member: You can’t by plane tickets with the dollar anymore we have to pay with dinar Nader from the Middle East:  1-23-2023    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhhKZonOz5s 

Member: I am hearing Phillipines is already on Gesara

MZ: We are seeing many countries all around the world in the process of Nesara/Gesara…imo

Member: Brazil and Argentina are joining to have a new joint currency…..articles over the weekend. 

MZ: Groups and Banks say there is a massive push going on….The underlying theme from Redemption Areas is that they have a target of Tuesday (tomorrow) I’m not reading to much into that , but we are watching things play out in a very neat and tidy way. . But it’s been a fun weekend to watch things play out. 

Member: My source says the RV has already started.

MZ: I also hear it has started and the process is well underway . 

Member: is there any bank that will buy dinar at the NEER rate right now?

MZ: No……not yet. Iraq has not released either rate…..Neer or RI (re-instatement) if you sell it now you probably would get less than you paid for it. 

MZ: There is more news from FDIC…They are expecting bank runs at any time. The Fed is scared. Janet Yellen is scared. 

Member: What is Nesara, what are the rates now, what is a redemption center, what is DTCC, what is an RV and when will it happen?

MZ I know there are a lot of Newbys with questions I have answered a million times….please watch the video I made with “Back to Basics”  for newbys…(link posted below)

Member: Also Dinar Recaps has tons of information in their Archives section and Post RV section….go and check it out. Do some research……

Member: Still hopeful we are on target this week. Disinformation still happening!

Member: This train is slowing down for the station. Almost there!!

Member: Don’t just think it, say it. The power is in the WORD. As you say, so it is!

Member: may Gods love and light shine on us all. What a beautiful time to be alive.!!

Member: Hey Mark, thanks for all you do! See everyone tonight

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Post by Mission1st Mon Jan 23, 2023 6:57 pm

The same old tired churn for 12 years.
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