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Guru MarkZ 1/18/23 AM

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Post by Ssmith Wed Jan 18, 2023 1:36 pm

Member: Good Morning everyone……..is today RV day???

Member: "Say hey, good lookin' - what ya got cookin'"?

Member: Good Morning MARKZ, I’ll take my RV with 3 eggs scrambled, hash browns scattered smothered and covered with a side of bacon please

Member: Hopefully some news today!

Member: Does your screen picture mean we are still in “Groundhog day?

MZ: I posted that hoping the bazooka the groundhog is carrying will blast us out of “Groundhog day”….out of this loop we have been in 

Member: MarkZ . . . We're So Very Tired Of Kicking The Can . . . So We're Going To Set It Up For Target Practice!

MZ: From Bond Folks. This is what happened starting late yesterday. I started getting reports from many of you guys and from paymasters who are looking for last minute bond “reselling” deals. The number being floated from a number of sources is $10 Billion for a whole box of historic German bonds. 

MZ: I have not heard anything on Dragon bonds since yesterday evening….but there has been a mad dash for resellers to pick up as many bonds as they can so they resell them…….that means they believe it to be very close. They believe it’s so close they are willing to part with billions of dollars here at the last moment. So I take this as a very good sign. 

Member: if they are spending billions…they must expect they will make a big profit when the green light is given!!!

MZ: other than that it’s pretty quiet on the RV front. Those NDAs must be pretty severe because they are not cracking……This is probably a good thing. 

Member: No one should talk especially if they run the risk of losing it all if they do……common sense. 

Member: Regarding NDA anxiety, if you can't keep a secret, you won't keep your money long.

MZ:  Here is an older article that one of you sent me…..”The Central bank announces the imminent introductions of large quantities of small denominations of the currency”  This is great and we covered this some time ago…but a lot of folks out there believe the RV won’t happen until the LD’s are released . 4-5 years ago the Iraqi budget showed receipts where they had spent big money with DeLaRue to print lower denominations. We had pictures of contracts for those back then. So lower denominations are done and created. 

MZ: This article will give you an idea of how ready Iraq is ….they are sitting in preparation for this. This article is from 2018. So they have been prepared since at least 2018 for this revaluation. 

Member: Well if they are ready…they need to just “DO IT”

MZ: “Saudi Arabia Says Open to Discuss Non-Dollar trade settlements”  They just announced this….It is not a secret. Whether it is in the US dollar, The Euro, The Saudi Ryal…..

MZ: “Saudi Arabia considers end to PetroDollars which could destabilize the US”  It wouldn’t just de-stabilize the US…..it would wreck us and force the RV/Reset. They have to know (white hats or whoever is doing this) that they have a increasingly  shrinking window to get this done….before it happens on its own without them…..this reset to commodities is coming……

MZ: “The downturn of the dollar is not just about rates”  There are now rising world economic powers and they are out pacing us. 

MZ: “On the road to zero-More states phasing out the income tax”  This is from N. Carolina surprisingly… A number of states are phasing out their income tax. A little bit at a time…... 

Member: MarkZ, My Banking Contact at Wells Fargo Says The RV Exchange Process Will be in full mode by Feb 1 

MZ: that would exactly fit with what most of my banking contacts are telling me right now. So I believe we have to go before then so it’s in full swing by the 1st. 

Member: How can Vietnam RV if their President just stepped down?

MZ: Because he resigned because of corruption. I believe this is part of getting ready of it. 

Member: Do you think the US will ever be in BRICS?

Member: I heard US is BRICS already…. have not confirmed yet the site has been right on many things. who knows

Member: Is Chinese Yuan in the first basket Mark?

MZ: At this point – I 100% expect the Yuan to be in the first basket. 

Member: when you go to redemption center for dinar exchange…. are they giving you cash?

Member: Mark has said that no cash at RC’s for security reasons…we should get a debit card…If you want cash….go to your bank after your exchange apt…….

Members Events to look for…Tomorrow the US Gov may default if something isn’t done…...We have Chinese New Year starting on the 22nd….and then “Groundhog Day on Feb 2…..hope we done before that..lol

Member: Mark... thanks for keeping the faith and keeping us grounded

Member: the mind has complete control …what you THINK & BELIEVE become your world…. every aspect…. pick your thoughts carefully.

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods…..see you all tonight

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