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Guru MarkZ 1/17/23 PM DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 1/17/23 PM

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Post by Ssmith Wed Jan 18, 2023 1:34 pm

Member: I hope Mark’s got some good news tonight .
Member: Mark always has good news. Just some news is better than other news!!!!
MZ: There is a lot of world news today ….and lots of disclosure happening….but very little RV News happening….Some meetings happening tonight…..for those who were not in yesterday’s meetings. They won’t be over until after our podcast is done. But it has been exceptionally quiet today… except for the disinformation folks…..they have been very busy.
Member: Silence is deafening!!!!!
MZ: Maybe that is a good thing…..most of my calls are going straight to voice mail. Emails and messages are not opened right now. My guess is they are in some kind of “black out” right now as far as communications go…..it may be a good sign. But there is nothing negative at all.

Member: Gurus on most channels A R E not saying anything.. Silence is deafening.. can we think that we are soooo close?? Like within 48 hours?????
Member: Praying you are right.
Member: Maybe the banks are still stocking those new US Notes in their vaults?  lol
Member: Asked my bank today if Bolivar is ready to exchange. They said nope. It’s on the do not exchange list
Member: What do you think about the 22nd being the Chinese New Year? Do you think the elders want the trigger pulled by then?
Member: If they do….they had better git er done.
Member: I wonder Is the Lunar New Year significant to the Chinese Elder or to us and the RV?

Member: What I am really looking forward to debt forgiveness with Nesara..
Member My next door neighbor just had their student loan canceled.
Member:  Any debts canceled is great. Let’s all hope this kicks off soon.
Member: I hear Nesara gets rid of all commercial loans. If you have a private loan with another person, you have to pay them back.
Member: Looking forward to hearing Dr. Scott Young again on Friday and all his Nesara/Gesara news.
Member:  I love Dr. Scott Youngs video.Thanks for introducing him on your channel
MZ: I have been communicating with Dr. Scott and he has some fun stuff for us on Friday.
Member:  Can someone tell me the rates of currency.
Member:  No one will know the rates for sure until exchange. Doesn’t matter to us. ANYTHING will be a blessing!
Member: the DOW was down 391.76 today.  At this point is the market even relevant to the RV? It’s like the ghost of the real economy .

MZ: It is so manipulated by the Aladdin AI …the only relevance it will have is when it completely breaks. And it will break.
Member:  IT’s National Popcorn day on Thursday hopefully this means something
Member:  Sending a hug to anyone in need along with a prayer. Take care. See ya tomorrow
Member: Thanks Mark for all you for us!!! Thanks Mods and Others as well!!!

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