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Post by Ssmith Mon Jan 16, 2023 4:00 pm

Member: Good Morning Mark and Company

Member: Good morning, I hope you are all getting excited as we are almost to the finish line.

Member: "We have a dream..." Blessed MLK day..

Member: is today RV day????

MZ: I am not expecting the RV today…..but I am expecting it very soon. 

Member: Today being a holiday and all. No schools or banks open. No RV

MZ: It was not an uneventful weekend in the event or process…... 

MZ: From iraq: “ Muthana Amin: The draft budget should reach parliament this month”  The reason I post and share these is just going back to the fundamentals in Iraq……Iraq is pushing to change their value…..They want to change their value….they need to change their value. They need to reinstate their old value or revalue significantly the current value….and that is what they are working on. 

MZ: “ What is the secret behind the decline of the Iraqi dinar despite the increase in dollar reserves” It’s a interesting if you want to read it…..they say its because of the sudden “know your customer” and the increased regulations in order to join the internation world….…..(links should be posted below) 

MZ: if you remove all the gurus and rumors…..these are something you can take and show your neighbors …so you don’t feel like a conspiracy theorist. So looking at just the fundamentals we are watching it play out. 

MZ: We are working towards that reset to commodities. The greatest minds in economics talk about it regularly now. I bet you see a hundred articles a week now on the reset to commodities and asset backed….focus on that to keep yourselves from going crazy. . 

Member: All this talk of Iraq. I thought they were ready to go , and tired of waiting for us?

MZ: Now let’s talk about what I heard over the weekend. Lots of progress in positioning and putting funds in place. Especially in South America and Europe. Surprisingly they were behind to US in positioning. Reno Miami, Texas and New York were very efficient with the singing of NDA’s….The banking system is robust in the US and are moving forward quickly. They are already prepared. (for the most part) 

MZ: My sources told me this weekend that South America, Central America, and Europe bankers were scrambling to be prepared for “any moment” …maybe as early as tomorrow.   That still may be a little premature imo…..but, we are well within the window for it to “GO”. 

MZ: I am still excited about the regular, steady progress we are seeing. 

Member: is it to late to buy a little dinar?

MZ: No it is not to late... They will be selling it up to about 10 minutes before the revaluation….before the switch is flipped….so you can still buy it.  

Member: someone pointed out that signing the NDA’s and the new Quantum system could be just going from one system of control to another. 

MZ: That is absolutely a concern. It will take some time for me to fully trust the QFS system. Initially I think we will have full access to all our funds and it will be a safe and secure way to transition. But in the long term will it stay that way??? Or will they start clamping down with controls?  They are going to have to earn my trust before I believe in it. To many of us have suffered for to many years. I will diversify after the event. Just to be on the safe side. 

Member: Why they earn our trust how do we diversify?

MZ: Don’t have any debt….Physical holdings…..invest in things like real estate, precious metals hard assets and commodities. 

Member: Be sure to consult professionals after this happens. 

Mod:  How a Multi-Currency Bank Account Can Help You Diversify Out of the Dollar?   https://www.qwealthreport.com/how-a-multi-currency-bank-account-can-help-you-diversify-out-of-the-dollar/ 

Member: I would assume since capital gains would be considered income and federal it would no longer be taxed? 

MZ: That is exactly what we are expecting. It is my understanding we are going to move to a national sales tax or a VAT (Value added tax) ….so unless you are buying a new product other than food or medicine….you won’t have any tax. 

Member: I went to a bank on Saturday- they told me no longer doing bank transfers and stop on 20th .. whats on 20th ? Friday 20th ?

Member: This Thursday - the Gov't is officially out of funding, the debt limit has been hit. Wonder if the banks close this Friday?

Member: I heard rumors of QFS starting on the 20th…..

Meber: I asked Alexa when will our new currency be here Alexa said it should start showing up in ATM machines and cash registers this weekend

Member: We hear that Temple, Texas plays a big part of the rv? 

Member:  Falcon 9 launch last night in Fl. Said to be Space Force Classified

Member: Simon Parkes had a very distressing, gloomy update on TG. No EBS. More slow drips ahead. I pray he’s wrong!

Meber: Simon Parkes said on his podcast that he signed his final NDA.

Member: Simon said he and Charlie have signed their final NDA and said the last "impediment" has been removed and it's just playing out...

Member: Hey Mark do you think the people that work for the Federal Reserves will lose their jobs when this goes down

Member: I think many will go to work for the US Treasury instead…….imo

Member: All the bad guys in the world are meeting at Davos this week.

Member: US was represented in Davos by John Kerry and Marty Walsh, a couple of real heavy- hitters there

Member: It would be a good time to arrest all of them at davos!

Member: Letting go of the timing as been a true test of faith for me. My heart is now patient as God knows my needs and has my back. If I didn't finally come to this I don't know where I'd be right now

Member: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”Martin Luther King, Jr

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