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Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 12, 2023 2:51 pm

Member: Morning all….Hope all are ready for an exciting new day.

Member: Please tell me there are no more loops. This roller coaster is getting old....

Member: Maybe good news will find us today!

MZ: In Iraq news “Dollar prices decline in Baghdad and Erbil”  The US dollar started sliding in their local markets . For many years the rate did not slide….it did not move as it was pegged. We are watching this. 

MZ: “ Within a week- The Iraqi Stock Exchange trades 37 Billion shares worth 22 Billion Dinars” To me this is meaningful and important because for them to have an effective, stable stock market they need and effective and stable currency. 

MZ: Other than that Iraq has been fairly quiet….I am being told that banks over there as well as here in the US and all over the world have been getting redemption instructions over the last day or two. So they will be prepared for when it does occur. 

MZ: We still don’t have a solid theory on timing. I do hear they are still trying to do it before the 31st. They are keeping the timing broad on purpose so nobody knows the timing. 

MZ: The chatter continues to be very encouraging. The movement continues to be very encouraging. Nothing new or specific on the dong, the F&Ps, the PP’s any of those. They all appear to be waiting on the same event…..the reset. 

Member: Do you believe it will happen on a 3 day weekend?

MZ: if you would have asked me that question 6 or 7 years ago I would have said yes. Now I do not believe that it matters . I believe the QFS is well enough integrated and prepared enough that we could go at anytime. But logistically would it be easier for the banking crew to go on a 3 day weekend. Yes…that is still true. And there is a 3 day weekend coming up with the Martin Luther King holiday ….so it’s possible 

Member: Went to the bank and I said "You must be tired of working with both systems". she looked at me for a fews seconds and had a big smile.

Member: Today my bank in UK just said they now have instant transactions.

Member: Yesterday's FAA happening, whatever it was, IMHO was a white hat move, not accidentall.

Member: I heard all the planes being grounded “the glitch” has something to do with the new financial system

Member: commercial flights were grounded but military was very busy. Monkey Werx said record number of refueling aircraft were over the US yesterday

Member: We never interfere with an enemy who is in the process of destroying themselves = the collapse of the Central Banking System

Member: I wonder if we in final stages of setting this RV, nesarsa,  ebs to all go same day and we are very close? 

Member: Slow rollout of NESARA. To much too soon could cause our economy, whatever’s left of it, in a downward spiral. Little at a time. Congress talking about a flat tax? There ya go!

Member: flat tax comes with NESARA no more sales tax on used goods either I have heard 14%

MZ: “IRS announces it sent out 12 million tax refunds after making corrections” Many are finding out they are getting back more than they thought. So id you get a sudden check from the IRS my advice is to enjoy it. Its not because they like you just incompetent government. 

Member: I was hoping it was Nesara –related. 

Member: if everything went to 1 to 1, I would be happy and blessed…if they just reset it to that without the RV……

Member: I agree……..1 to 1 would be a huge blessing….I am prepared for parity, a float or a full blown RV…..whatever happens. 

Member: Mark, can you please explain again why it is so important to surprise everyone with the TIMING of the RV?

Member: If it’s by the end of the month it should go anytime because the closer we get to the end of the it’s more predictable?

Member: I heard it’s for security and to stop big whale investors from jumping in??? I don’t know. 

Member: If you take a break after the RV- how will we know when you start up again Mark?

MZ: The website will tell you. If there is any kind of an NDA that requires me to take a break….and I suddenly disappear after the RV…..you are going to know how long I will be gone because you would have signed a similar or exact same NDA. If you are not allowed to talk for 30 days….you know you want see me for 30 days….or whatever the time frame on the NDA is…..when its over…we will just pick up where we left off. We will talk about all the great things happening and how we will help humanity.

Member: I am still worried that the Fed and black hats are going to steal our funds in the banks.

Member:  If Mr C said that our savings are supposed to be mirrored into the QFS, and it's supposed to be metals backed, why are people panicking?  Don’t worry about things we cannot change. 

Member: How will we know when to go exchange?

Member: Sign up for dinar recaps then I’ll send you an email with a Safe link number to call when it is official….Also Mark, Bruce, Frank, TNT, and other dinar sites will let us all know. You will not miss it. 

Member: I have no currency investment, but I will be SO HAPPY for you all and I will celebrate your joy. My investment is in Silver and know my day will come

Member: An Amazing time to still be alive to witness this biblical historical event! Like no other ever on planet earth!

Member: Stay positive everyone it's getting ready to happen I can feel it !

Member:  It's time to roll the credits on this thing. Come on NESERA/GESERA & RV!!!!!!!!

Member: Thanks Mark, Mods and Andy……see you all tonight

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