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Guru MarkZ 1/11/23

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Guru MarkZ 1/11/23 Empty Guru MarkZ 1/11/23

Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 12, 2023 2:49 pm

Member: Hope Everyone is having a wonderful evening
Member:  Happy Groundhog day 762.2 everyone
Member:  Another loop on the rollercoaster coming up.
MZ: Mostly I am hearing chatter about the need to release everything with asset backed currency. Meaning that they do not want to release anything ahead of time paid with fiat like Fines, Penalties ect….They do not trust fiat ……This is the chatter I am being told that they are making those provisions and making them quickly so we can move forward.
MZ: This is the first conversation I have heard in some time on F&P’s and the rumors of the delivery of F&Ps this weekend. But in asset backed money. So something would have to happen and someone would have to see Mr C quickly for that to hold true.
MZ: It is lovely chatter and I hope it is accurate. I am hearing some fantastic stuff. If it pans out by tomorrow evening you guys will all know it. You won’t have to even ask me about it. That is where I will leave this as I am getting leaned on pretty hard.
MZ: I am almost hoping they do something so I can’t podcast for a few days because I am tired. I need a break…lol.
MZ: The news really is solid and I am sorry about being so vague…but I am not sure what I can get away with saying…..and I don’t want to risk my own exchange.
Member: In all my years I’ve been in this , I have never seen the dinar community all on the same page as far as intel is concerned.
MZ: It has me a bit concerned as well.
MZ: Heres a good one. “The Bank for International Settlements : $70 Trillion dollars is missing from Official Global Accounting”  The entire worlds GDP is $100 trillion…..so think about that.
MZ” “A country cannot save both its currency or its bonds”  What do they mean?  The currency is what you and I use and the bonds are what prop up the government.  When its rescue time….which one do you think the government is going to pick?  This is the decision they are coming too. Them or us? This is the decision they will make as the fiat world implodes.

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