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Guru MarkZ 1/6/23

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Post by Ssmith Fri Jan 06, 2023 2:41 pm

Member: Good morning all! Well today has much potential to be a glorious day !

Member: I just keep on praying they roll all this out this weekend!!!

Member: Looking forward to the Friday that Mr C can’t be here! Nothing personal Mr C.

Member: Can we have an RV special, Reno appetizers, a historic salad with the loaded tier 4b burger?

MZ: There has been no new RV news since yesterday evening. Everything still appears to be moving forward. Groups are still finishing any paperwork submissions they need by this evening. Everyone is still looking for a release around the 9th….so it still looks good. 

MZ: I am praying this is accurate…I’m not sure how many more can kicks I can take. 

Member: Lots of intel for the 9th. Multiple sources including Dr. Sandra talked about the 9TH…..really hope its real this time. 

Member: has Nesara started in other countries ?  is this a fact? 

MZ: The Nesara call I got last night that I am still trying to verify has to do with the amounts expected for different age brackets. We are still trying to get absolute confirmation. We have had a few that believe this is correct. 

MZ: We are hearing there will be a sliding scale for folks that are younger….up to age 61. Not sure what the brackets are yet…..

MZ: If you were 24 and above you should receive $40-$60,000 . We are still trying to find out exact numbers. But this is encouraging especially for those of you who have little or no currency…..and were worried. Not enough to make you wealthy but enough to make you comfortable. We don’t know exactly what that sliding scale is yet….still digging. 

MZ: The expectation is starting at age 61 and above the retirees would get $100,000 a year for the next 11 years. This is on top of what people get for retirement and social security. 

Member: That would be wonderful….. is the Nesara/gesara yearly payout a one time payment or divided into monthly payments?????????

Member: Would that $100,000 be per person?

MZ: Yes as we understand it……we are still doing some digging on this. $100,00 per person if you are 61 or older. 

Member: Guess we will see when it happens. 

Member: I believe that money they are offering is to cover the theft of your birth certificate.

Member: I recall hearing about getting taxes back from a lifetime

Member: any relief will be greatly appreciated and will bring peace of mind.

Member: If everyone gets money….nobody will work…..wouldn’t that kill small businesses?  Restaurants? Construction? That doesn’t make sense to me unless the 24 year olds to 61 …only gets a one time payout….and then after 61…..they get the $100 grand a year for 11 years. Can you find this out Mark? 

Member: I understand its all a rumor….but it sure sounds good. 

Member: When would it start?

MZ: Whenever Nesara/Gesara starts. Hopefully when the RV/Reset also starts…..all at the same time!

Member: This all sounds almost to good to be true,,,,, I’m ready for it to happen though.

Member: I would think NESARA is the BIG key to what we are waiting on since this drains the swamp you know the useless govt. and rids us of the fiat currency.

Member: They're going to need a mountain range of gold to back all these payouts. How much gold is there?

Member: Not just gold…commodities, metals, oil…and assets…….it would all back our new currency…..which I hope is on all those planes flying in and out of redemption cities. 

Member: I heard The Vatican kept meticulous records of what country all the gold, artifacts, art, etc. actually belongs to which was return to said countries.

Member: Gold BRICS? Return to the Gold Standard? "More like Back to the Future... It can be done in a very CryptoCurrency way." -Judy Shelton. (Trump FED Nominee

Member: Will we bring any fiat currency we currently hold to the redemption center to exchange for gold backed along with our foreign currency?

MZ: No. They will not have a lot of cash at redemption centers for security reasone….. Just spend the fiat or take it to a traditional bank after the reset to exchange it then. 

Member: Any word on the NDA we are supposed to sign? 

Member: Heard NDA were so that we are Unable to discuss the rates that we get and stay on down low for awhile

Member: question for the group: once we sign our NDA at our appointments, then can we discuss with children and our significant other as long as they are on the NDA exclusion list?

Member: That makes sense to me 

Member: How will the redemption center people know if you break your NDA. What if you tell your cousin? Does the cousin turn you in to the RV police?

Member: I wouldn’t chance it…..loose lips sink ships. 

MZ: Here is an article from Iraq…..by a pro-Iranian judge in a pro Iranian faction….…” Iraqi Supreme Court issues “Arrest Warrant” for former President Trump over killing Soleimani : Judiciary chief” I would not read to much into this. Remember there used to be an arrest warrant out for Biden in theUkraine before they changed parties there. But you are probably seeing it in the middle east and Asia. 

Member: When will the redemption centers be open?


MZ: Update on Okie….he is still hanging in there…still kicking…..he really appreciates all your prayers. 

Member: Prayers for Okie, Walkingstick, and all who need healing……..

Member:  Monday seems to be a pivotal day fingers crossed

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