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Guru MarkZ 1/3/23

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Guru MarkZ 1/3/23 Empty Guru MarkZ 1/3/23

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 03, 2023 2:12 pm

Member: Welcome to the first Markz show of the new year.
Member: I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for a stellar year!
Member: I am ready for notifications and exchange appointments….

Member: There can’t be much of that can left to kick!

Member: Let’s all pray Mark has heard from his banking contacts that its a GO!

MZ: I am still hearing positive things on the news side. Reno may just be waking up because of the time difference…..I do have a number of contacts with appointments today all over the globe….to get dollars …I will be watching and listening all day to see if payments start today as expected.

MZ: That was the rumors all through the weekend….and this morning folks are in place with great expectations. We will see. I am hopeful , but have not heard anyone receiving funds yet. I have checked in with Asia and Europe today. All eyes today are on domestic contacts in Miami, LA, DC and out west. We will be watching throughout today.

MZ: There are great expectations we will see movement today. Cross your fingers that this is it. This is the day they were looking for movement to start.

Member: Banks are closed today. Federal holiday…..but maybe we could start making appointments is things happen?

Member: Banks are closed today…Will tomorrow be the magic day?

MZ: That’s why we are looking for positioning and movement today and hopefully release by tomorrow.

Member: What banks are down today…

MZ: Most of them are for tellers but they are still operating behind the scenes. They just don’t have bank branches open.

Member: Charlie Ward spoke of banks must be compliant by Today, or they will have to close their doors tomorrow . Tuesday???

Member: Did you SEE PPN says Bonds pd through 2-15th in fiat and QFS starts on the 15th. nutshell

Member: Nadar from the East said the RV of Dinar will not happen for a long while. He says RV won’t happen until lower denominations are introduced.

MZ: We have seen evidence of that …We have been told from Iraq government contacts they have already printed them. I think we will see them at the same time based on what I am hearing. He is correct. They can’t revalue without the smaller denominations. I expect those to come out immediately with the revaluation (rv)

MZ: I believe the bills are printed and ready based on contracts with DeLaRue and others. Paid for and printed.

Member: This is going to happen as the Iraqi people have had enough and they deserve it – we deserve it!

Member: The small bills have already been printed and ready.. confirmed … We have seen the bills in articles from Iraq

Member: Just like our new notes are already prepared I think most countries have their new bills ready

Member: Confirmed by military source pallets and pallets of US rainbow currency have arrived at military bases it’s coming!!!
MZ: “Rising Dollar: The Federation of Iraqi industries proposes 3 solutions to address the imbalance”

MZ: “Sudani: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and their impact made us stick to the inevitability of economic reform”  They talk about needing to push forward quickly with the reforms and can no longer kick the can on this. They will address it by stabilization, rate and increasing non state related industries. They want to became a juggernaut through trade…and not just oil.

MZ: in other news “IMF bribes Egypt to jeep the petrodollar alive” They are offering all kinds of bribes to try to get Egypt to not abandon the petrodollar for the petroyuan like they said they are going to do . They also say they are going to join BRICS. The IMF is trying to bribe countries to stay with the petrodollar.

Member: I am hearing notifications this afternoon to tomorrow morning .. appointments Tuesday afternoon … anyone here this or something else?

Member: I heard that Iraq signed the budget that allows the sharing of oil revenues with the Kurds

Member: I hear the rates have already been set, they’ve just not been announced yet

Member: I hear it’s a float not a shotgun RV with appt and no contract rates. No Nesara yet

Member: I hear plenty of planes with bankers going in and out of Reno over the weekend!

Member: I think Iraq will go solo before the GCR

Member: I am still hearing that its all to be done by the 14th … so who knows

Member: MarkZ, current thoughts on all going at once or Dinar going alone?

Member: Dinar rate above $5 or below?

MZ: I still expect the rate to come out close to $4 and the oil for dinar deal maybe $2 higher.

Member: What date are the banks supposed to be Basil 4 compliant?

Membe: I thought it was by tomorrow?

MZ: There is a lot we should find out today…..should make for an interesting evening podcast tonight.

Member: why do I hear that the RV would happen on a Wednesday or Saturday? Why those days?

Member: Any word on Redemption Center employee schedule?

Member: The people who will be working these redemption centers have to be exhausted thinking they going to work next week for over a year

Member: Friday is Epiphany.. the recognition of the 3 Kings gifting to Jesus.
Member: Remember to keep Okie in your prayers…..he is still not doing well.

Member: Prayers for Okie to heal fully. Amen


Member: Happy New Year Everyone my PRAYER is that 2023 is a fantastic year for us filled with all the good things of God love, light, liberty, justice, prosperity, “vindication” and the pursuit of happiness

Member: I noticed that dinar recaps will stop sending emails if you font open at least one in 60 days. Wanted to pass this along so people dont loose their subscriptions because of not opening emails

Member: Happy New Year Mark and a huge thanks as always for all you bring to this community. Hoping this is our month to see notifications. Having a blessed and miracle start to 2023.

Member: keep the vibration high people. let’s rv….thought become things…..make your thoughts good ones.

Member: Thanks Mark, Mods and Others for all you all do!!! Happy New 2023 and God Bless!!!

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