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Guru MarkZ 12/30/22

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Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 30, 2022 2:58 pm

Member: Good morning MarkZ, mods and everyone. Welcome to the last Fri of this year

Member:  Well another year has come and gone with all the hype around the holidays. Next hype cycle Easter.

Member: IMO …the next date to watch is Jan 1st !!!!!

MZ: “Finance minister reveals dollar exchange rate in next year’s budget”  This is the same thing we were told a month ago. This story is recycled. 

MZ: Now today- in the same news cycle “ MP confirms the government’s ability to stop the rise of the dollar any moment it wants ” 

MZ: And now “ Iraqi MP’s push for extraordinary session over chaos in currency exchange market” This one is saying we need the exchange rate now and break the black market. 

MZ: other than that its fairly quiet. Still hearing everywhere from us in the banks on the 2nd…to us in the banks by the 14th…..we just know its close. We know they are moving forward quickly…and the world is coming to a crossroads where it has no choice but to move to commodities or asset backed money. 

Member: Charlie Ward says they all have been told to have total silence on news!

Member: What about the Vietnamese dong?

MZ: It is waiting along with everything else. Still expected to be around $2.25 or so….

Member: I believe everything is done we are just waiting for an event

Member: Any Sheila news?

MZ: Not yet…I am hoping she responds while we are on this podcast. 

Member:  Is today the day of the big crash?

Member:  red market this morning

MZ: “Former Goldman Sacs managing director confirms the Central Banks are about to reset global monetary system using blockchain technology”  She is talking about the Fed owning the banks…whereas we are looking at the QFS where the UST owns the money again like in our constitution. . . 

MZ: “Zoltan’s year end masterpiece . Dusk for the petrodollar. Dawn for the Petroyuan and the coming of the commodity rehypothecation”  There are some great quotes here and is a must read. He is talking about a reset. And how other countries have moved onto commodities are no longer accepting US Dollars…they are now freely exchanging their own currencies back and forth.  He is one of the greatest minds in the world on economics. 

MZ:  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/zoltans-year-end-masterpiece-dusk-petrodollar-dawn-petroyuan-and-existential-threat 

Member: Christmas not so good but this new year will be much better...

 Member: May the TEARS you cried in 2022 water the seeds you’re planting in 2023!


Member: Happy New Year the best is yet to come blessings are coming soon

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