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Predictable Tony 2&3

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Predictable Tony 2&3 Empty Predictable Tony 2&3

Post by Mission1st Sat Dec 24, 2022 4:27 pm

Right on schedule, Tony started side-stepping his previous week's predictions. He  made no mention of his goat chin pumper or his video. He also failed to recall any of the breathless predictions he made to get his donation numbers and click baits up for Christmas. 
Of course, he tried to hide any of that with his audience by ranting on about other gurus and the secretive private viewership he is trying to create before Twitter blows him out of the water with subscriptions. 

Make no mistake, his blabbering was full of the patented double speak he is famous for. "No way but any minute", "Banks are quiet but any minute". This boring mantra is obviously for the very foolish, and it appears he has a few of those. 

Prediction for next week: There will be a spike in his Hopium talk early in the week then quieting down until Friday for the "early January" prediction to keep the sheep interested. In January, he will restart his two week, 15th, and end of month algorithm he has been grinding out for years.
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