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Guru MarkZ 12/14/22 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 12/14/22

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Guru MarkZ 12/14/22 Empty Guru MarkZ 12/14/22

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 14, 2022 2:27 pm

Member: Good morning to all you Mods, Markz and hopium addicts. 

Member: Hope everyone is ready for a fantastic day. Hoping and PRAYING for a LOT of good news today.

MZ: on the forex…we are starting to see some very strange values popping up. Nobody is exchanging….and values have not officially changed…..Maybe they are priming the system? It is not yet what we are looking for. There are some real ping pong games going on with the forex. Makes us wonder “why?”  

MZ: It appears from the outside looking in…..and from conversations from people on the ground in Iraq that the markets are trying to force the CBI to move. At this point I’m confused at what is playing out. We seem to be watching the de coupling as things start to move…..  and I was told there would be a “dip” in the dinar right before the revalue. And that is what we are seeing. I hope this is not just some kind or anomaly…or wishful thinking on my part. 

MZ: But, we are watching exactly what I was told to look for years ago …from inversions…to bonds….to the crazy back and forth news on values……This weakening of the dinar could be them trying to get more dinar off the streets before coming out with a float. 

MZ: We are trying to make heads or tails out of all of this because we are also seeing on some foreign currency exchanges some crazy values on the dinar …where its worth $6-$7 dollars…to $4 dollars… .but nobody is trading it…and we are seeing those rates and fluctuations….on several kinds of currencies….not just Iraq. 

MZ: My theory is “What happens in a large revaluation like this?”  What happens when they trade the values of many currencies all at once? When you throw a big old rock in the pond…..you will see ripples or waves from that central location. 

MZ: Now consider you are throwing 20 rocks into the water.…. the ripples and waves will all overlap and deal with each other….I am hypothesizing that what they are doing is testing values to see what they do to other values…..I think they are priming us. I could be wrong.  But I think they are priming us for value changes….and more than one. This makes me feel a little more warm and fuzzy that maybe Iraq won’t be going alone? 

MZ: They have not changes values yet and we cannot go exchange yet……there is still possibilities of a float…. And I will still post a video about that later today. 

MZ: Nothing from bond folks today. I can talk to them….they are not under NDA….jut nothing to report. They are as frustrated as we are. Money is just not moving the way we expected it to……yet. 

MZ: Nothing else to report except those crazy forex fluctuations that don’t make any sense. 

Member: I don’t understand what an RI or RV is. 

MZ: A reinstatement would be going back to an original rate….a RV or revaluation would be a rate different than that…..and a float is somewhere in between. I will post a video this afternoon about this 

Member: I am just amazed how this entire thing has taken a road less traveled … never expected the complexity!!!!

Member:  If you read over the sum total from F26, Claire, M&M , Nadler , Mark Z and stir in a helping of common sense …. This entire thing has shifted for the positive but not like we all expected !!!!

Member: I must give Frank26 credit which I am in rush to do … he has hinted at all of this for months “ know when to hold em and when to fold them” …

Member: Will multi currency accounts be available at all banks?

MZ:  I am told multi currency accounts will be available at all “participating” banks for the currency exchange. 

Member: Mark any news regarding St Germain Funds at Christmas?

Member: Mark, do you still feel that we may exchange before christmas?

Member: I wonder if the RV goes at a float can we take in some of our dinar in and redeem the rest later?

Member: Sure wish we would see arrests start to happen

Member: But its all happening behind the scenes,, or has everyone wised up to that lame excuse???

Member: GOD is Great...We have won this fight already but it stinks like the Southbound end of a Northbound Zombie swamp donkey waiting for the end credits of this movie!

Member:  Everyone is frustrated right now, but we must keep the faith!! God is in control!!

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