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Guru MarkZ 12/13/22 Evening BS DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 12/13/22 Evening BS

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Guru MarkZ 12/13/22 Evening BS Empty Guru MarkZ 12/13/22 Evening BS

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 14, 2022 2:22 pm

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. Note takers don't get everything and it's best to watch the video so everything is in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decision

Member: Good evening everyone! I hope you had a great day

MZ: For those with a tight schedule, tonight is a nothing burger on the RV front. I have what I consider to be fun news, but that's about it.

MZ: It's been an exceptionally quiet day, but there are rumors everywhere. When I verify these rumors with people who are physically in these places and are a part of them...they'll quickly tell me it's not happening yet...so it's very quiet at the moment. …..The big funds are not moving…..The Admiral has not been paid….The Dubai funds have not been released yet….

MZ: I'm still hearing that bond scalpers are still buying some of the few… but the actual final deals on the bond side have not started yet. The people of Asia and Europe are very frustrated. In Europe they are concerned that they will arrive at the Christmas season and have not yet been processed.
Member: I think most bankers take a lot of vacations in Europe in December or January.
MZ: I still hear good talk coming from Iraq. The political front advances and the CBI advances. But, it's very quiet on the RV front.

MZ: But there really are a lot of rumors about the dinar boards. But I have not been able to substantiate a single one. When farm claims are paid... when CMKX is paid, then we can start to lose our minds and be happy.

Member: Are the redemption centers going away?
Member: I thought the difference between a bank and a redemption center with lower RV rates was that the banks would charge fees for the service while the redemption centers would not. Any ideas?
Member: It seems to me as if it floats. We the People have lost.
Member: Well if it floats and hits at least 1 on 1...it's a lot more than what we have right now...in my opinion
MZ: Yeah, the float is still a possibility... I'll dive into that tomorrow. I'll record it and release it sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Member: if the dong floats, what is our best resource? Do we still go to the redemption centers? …we wait? How do we know when it reaches the maximum rate? just confused
MZ: I'll do a special video on that tomorrow afternoon... but, in a nutshell, I was told that if they float, banks will offer us multi-currency accounts to deposit when we trade. So again... I was told that banks will offer us accounts in multiple currencies to exchange if it is a float.

MZ: Then we wait... and we watch and we decide when it's high enough... or we take out what we need. I'm not in the least worried about that.

Member: I wonder if multi-currency accounts apply to all countries or only to US financial institutions?
Member: Which banks offer multi-currency accounts, including dinar?
Member: Wise does it... and Ever bank can still do it. Just google it…….

Member: Wise actions are easy! I have one with a debit card. VND and Indonesian Rupiah are available. Easy to set up/use

Member: FACTS!: Personal multi-currency accounts at major banks: Citi, HSBC, TIAA Bank, East West Bank, Citi VND is NOT on their lists. ALL other banks require an international business license!
Member: So if it's fixed rate RV...we trade at the redemption centers and we should get about a $2 higher contract rate and there should be no tax...if it floats...we trade at the banks to accounts in multiple currencies and spend a little when the rate is high enough…may or may not be taxes…rate changes daily…know which one you would prefer…one and done.

Member: If the 'contracts' have already been carried out on the foreign currency; so why the 'float'?
Member: The contract rates, I believe, are for the full reset of the GCR coins... The float is if Iraq and Vietnam go it alone and float their currencies... from a low rate... if they are frustrated with waiting in the GCR (I'm sure)
Member: What is Dubai 1 and 2?

MZ: These are part of the humanitarian funds that were set aside along with several others. I'm told the Dubai funds come from Khomini's gold (sp?). We're listening to the chatter...but when you talk to those who are actually in a position to know...we find that things aren't moving yet...but they expect it to at any moment and they're ready...It just hasn't started yet.

Member: Here are some rumors…. “Sources say that the event will take place over 3 days with levels 2 and 3 today (Monday, December 12); Level 4-A sea. (December 13) and ending with the release of 4-B on Wednesday. (December 14th)."

Member: Mon. On Dec 12, the Iraqi dinar posted a new rate of $4.00 on Forex (on bank back screens and trading higher) Hopefully.
Member: Does anyone else feel that no matter what the powers are, they will find something to slow everything down?

Member: I keep praying that we have the best Christmas ever!
Member: Mark...thank you so much, as always, for all you bring to this amazing community.
Member: I expect big news tomorrow morning... I hope.

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