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Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 14, 2022 2:19 pm

Member: RV there yet???

MZ: We do have some news……”President of the Republic : The banking and financial system in Iraq needs to be developed “   For a number of reasons…for projects…projects for the people….ect. They traditionally don’t trust the banks over there because of all the unrest the last 20 years …the ups, the downs and the spreads. They are saying it is very necessary to regain that trust in the banking system so people will have prosperity…abd sound money…..we know these things. …They also have a list of projects they would like to do but cannot without a new system it’s difficult to do projects with any scope or scale…... 

MZ: This is the one I liked best…and gave me the most comfort….” Central bank : the cash reserve has reached its highest level in the history of the state.”    We are talking even higher then with Saadam Hussein in its hayday….Right now they are sitting on more cash reserves than at any other time in this countries history….. They have exceeded $90 billion dollars in US value….and its just sitting  there…unused…and ready to roll… . This is one of the few countries in the world whose economies are not “in the hole”  so to speak. 

MZ: the author Al Yasari is one of those with Sudani that specifically mentions that the change in the exchange value is the best way to help the poor and under performing classes. 

MZ: Other than that its been pretty quiet……I would like to point out from a comment earlier in chat….that  I didn’t see anything happening in Reno……how would I know because they would have signed an NDA?

MZ: Well, it’s because it’s easy to talk to the contacts now…. They are still there and they have not yet been paid. If they were under an NDA I would not be able to talk to them….I hate to poo-poo that rumor but I want to reiterate that my contacts there who are involved in the process have not been paid. 

MZ: When everyone gets paid you will not have to search for the news. 

MZ:  The troll game is strong today. Everyone in here is upset that it hasn't happened yet. Tearing each other down will not speed things up, It will just make a lot of people lose what hope they have left… 

MZ: Focus that energy on what you can do. Have you written your elected officials about your fear of CBDC? Have you written about the need for asset backed currency? Have you changed your spending habit s to help break the globalists? 

MZ: Focus on steps you can do as well instead of just focusing your frustration on all of us that are trying to survive this with you.

MZ: Watching this play out is an ugly movie. I had thought it would be a political type of drama….I didn’t realize it would be a horror movie instead….. 

Member: Mark. we Understand...it is going to happen..we are closer than we think...but so get the frustration. I have hit the blues bad last week...better now..

Member: I got a fortune cookie slip that I kept - it says 'Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can do'

Member: I think we need to confront those in charge of this. If blockchain technology is so great why the hoodups then? Real verifiable answers

Member: Even if the exchange is 1 to 1 its a win

Member:  I wonder how will redemption centers work if the currency floats instead of full RV?? will we have emails and make appts or deal with banks and not redemption centers? we won't get any special rates then?

Member:  is it possible some are still in Reno unpaid while others have already received thier money and left? I recall someone musing that payouts could be a process that takes a couple weeks

Member: I'm waiting for someone to say, "hey, the RV was last Thursday, did you exchange your currency?"

Member:  Dow +448pts. Nasdaq +381pts. S&P +91pts. DXY -1.34pts. BTC $17,851 ETH $1,335

Member: They've bolster the market for today--they hope it really climbs...??

Member: Dow has been up, but I wonder if that is just fake like everything else.?

MZ: “Reserve Report spooks traders”  More and more money is fleeing government control. 

Member: What are your thoughts on the date Mark?

MZ: I think the moment the market crashes ……really crashes….not just 500 or 700 points ….but a real crash…..that is when they trigger it

Member: I watched Frank last night……. Very exciting what's going on.

Member: Frank26 last night the iraqi dinar we'll RV within next 2 weeks

Member: This morning Judy Byington says it COULD BE going tomorrow

Member:  lMon. 12/12 “Sources say Event will roll out 3 days wi/Tiers 2 & 3 today (12/12)Tier 4-A Tues. (13 Dec.) &launch of 4-B on Wed. (14 Dec.).”From Judy

Member:  Some are saying they have heard the high ups want this DONE by Christmas. Not just started.  

Member: If the Dinar RVs for anything less than 1 to 1 I would simply hold and wait for it to float up to a truer value. We all know it’s worth much more than our hollow dollars & if Gesara goes then it’s 1/1

Member: Not enough is confirmed about the foundation of NESARA/GESARA from anyone, it would be great to have a military contact provide accurate info as it is the foundational king pin for everything!

Member: Mark if the iqd goes alone and floats, does that mean the GCR is a long way off? Or wont happen? and that these currencies will all rv/ri separately?

Member: What could the real holdup be?   

Member: IMO…..no hold up…. its floating. Stop looking for this big RV

Member: I'd like to see the VND float.

Member: Will there be a floating rate for the dong or will we get a contract rate??

MZ: I still think it will all go at once…but if the dinar were to go early and float…I expect we would see a floating rate for the dong as well….At least that is what I have been told.

Member: Any news on the Venezuelan Bolivar?

MZ: I hear it is a currency and not a bond and it should be a re-valuation and not a re-instatement. I do not know what to expect value wise….

Member: It helps me to remember that the finance changes ,getting rid of fiat and corruption is the biggest part of this WW war we are in. We are a big part of this war being won!

Member:  Mark was a great economics student. He sees and understands the many developments we've seen through the years. This thing is a when, not an if!!!

Member: St. Germaine trust is supposed to open at Christmas or Easter…..and Jan. 1st is the fiscal new year for many countries…..IMO December is still looking good for the GCR…... 

Member: We need for the normies to hear the truth….thats the only way many will wake up 

Member: I feel at this point..The EAS needs to happen..so people can know what's going on..Asap..I think that's the best chess move..so many will be on board..

Member: For everyone celebrating a birthday today-Happy Birthday !

Member: Thank you Mark and Mods…..see you all tonight.

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