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Tony double speak and how to interpret it DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tony double speak and how to interpret it

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Tony double speak and how to interpret it Empty Tony double speak and how to interpret it

Post by Mission1st Mon Dec 12, 2022 3:50 pm

Like any other good hustle, the con man makes the victim feel like they are very close to winning the prize. Tony is no exception. A consummate sociopath, Tony smoothly moves the goal posts just out of range, stopping oh so close that surely the next play is a touchdown. Historically, he chooses the 1st, the 15th and three day weekends as his "window". Its just another week, he says... and ohhh, so close.
Occasionally, when he runs out of material or his viewership is down, he pulls the infamous Nigerian Prince routine and tells everyone that the Dinar or some other currency is going to revalue at a ridiculous price. The other is to get angry and petulant and go off on angry rants threatening to stop the shows. 

His most recent addition to the con is to try and privatize his shows, which is certainly because Twitter is starting to get rid of the bots and fake accounts that Tony uses to kite his viewer numbers. 

As to the double speak, if you put out enough dates, both close and far away, you can never really be held responsible for the "near misses" that almost took place.

Tony's world is full of Pronoun People: They, Them, The Banks, He, Him, the Ministry, the Cabinet, the Agency, and no one that can be named. No actual banks that can be contacted to verify anything and no events that can be looked at with any certainty. 

So, accordingly, today the 12th of December, Ole Phony Tony Baloney did a little bit of everything. Anger, rants, multiple predictions, with a few pronoun people thrown in. Because, his desperate listeners want to hear the Christmas Miracle from his flapping lips. Or right after, or maybe the end of January. Unless of course...... Iran, world hunger, global warming, crypto currency, jock rash, or rising food prices. Take your pick. But "the banks" and "they" are on high alert. 

So, the next time you listening to his rambling monologue, at least you can understand what he is saying, or more importantly, how he is perpetrating the con.
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