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Post by Ssmith Mon Dec 12, 2022 2:05 pm

Member: hope we get some good news this morning

Member: I was hoping today was the BIG golden egg day

Member: Remember folks we may be doing a float now …not a RV….

Member: Full RV would be great but 1-1 is good too. Way more than we have now.

MZ: There is a lot of positive things going on…..they are moving forward in a major way on the budget starting Saturday night…

MZ: Nader posted that  they have moved forward with the budget in a major way starting late on Saturday in Iraq. 

MZ: On the same note….”Parliamentary Finance announces the completion of the touches of the budget and its transfer to the Sudanese office”  They are putting final touches on it and submitting it …they want us to know they are still discussing it…. Here they say it will be presented early January….

MZ: “Parliamentary legal hints at an “emergency” session to approve the 2023 budget”   Then here…they say things are moving so quickly and everyone is coming to agreement rapidly. 

MZ: I think this one is a key piece for Iraq to be ready for the revaluation…... “ The Central bank is launching an electronic platform for buying and selling the dollar next month.”  Reading between the lines I think this is an important step if they are going to handle a revaluation of some size to make sure these currencies are not questionable…that someone wont exchange millions in terrorist dollars. AND it will protect the rate for those at the bottom of the economic totem pole. I think this one is a serious “tell” for us and how close we are getting…..

MZ: A lot of phenominal things happened this weekend in Iraq. So I am very upbeat 

Member: Anyone catch what Chas posted last night about the whales in Reno been paid and went home?

Member: he said they left Reno with money, but Holly said no, so who knows what is true

MZ: As for rumors from Reno and that they are already starting to pay out the large groups…..well, I cannot find anyone in Reno that agrees with that. Maybe somebody did…..but it has not yet happened in mass. This is coming from people on the ground there. I wish I was wrong on this one. But they are saying it has not started there yet. 

Member: is there a cap on how high a float can go each year?

MZ: I have heard there is no  cap on how quickly the float can rise….

Member: When Iraq invaded Kuwait in august of 1990, the value of the Kuwaiti dinar dropped to about 5 cents. In other words it took 20 Kuwaiti dinars to buy one US dollar. In February of 1991 Iraq was expelled from Kuwait and a month later their banks revalued the Kuwaiti dinar to $3.47, the highest valued currency in the world. When this occurred the New York times reported this event on March 25, 20

Member: in Kuwait it floated to over $9 in a very short time…

MZ: We shared that article last week. 

Member:  if it does indeed float, will we be able to cash in one of our 25k notes before Christmas to help with finances …hope that is that is an option ? thank you for all you do

Member: If our rate is already established through the terms of the treaty why are we concerned about the float?

Member: Because if it floats…no one yet knows if there will still be a contract rate……still waiting to hear that…..

Member: you said if the dinar goes alone…there might not be redemption centers. If so, do you know any financial institutions in Canada that will handle the exchanges? 

MZ: We won’t know until Iraq goes international and are officially on the float….. And officially an internationally traded currency. If they go to a float…all your banks will suddenly start taking it.  

MZ: I still hope it comes out fixed and not a float. 

Member: Mark, any word on which commodities Iraq will tie the Dinar to when they RV? Gold? Oil? Both like Ghana? How will each affect t the possible rates?

Member: I found posts on yt from Dr Scott young. he said nesara and the qfs is being finished. watch the money from the beginning to end. He said ebs is very close.

Member:  Capt Kyle says everything is done and ready to pop!!!

Member: Mark, I read that the QFS will go live, to the public, on 1/1/23. Does that suggest we could exchange, in Fiat, before then???

Member: RV is part of Gesara, if you read Gesara Law. Revaluation of currency is on the list.

Member: It’s time that we all decree and declare all together that the RV happens today!

Member: One more time like in Egypt. Wealth Transfer. Evil people/government removed. Healings. Medbeds. Q phones, internet, Tesla electric. New technology. So much to look forward too.

Member: My beer is RV beer, less filling and tastes great. Bring it on While Hats

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods…..looking forward to tonight and more news….see you then.

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