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Guru MarkZ 12/6/22

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Guru MarkZ 12/6/22 Empty Guru MarkZ 12/6/22

Post by Ssmith Tue Dec 06, 2022 2:28 pm

Member: A Wonderfully Great Golden Morning MarkZ, Mods And Everyone In The Room

Member: Good news I just heard that Rudolph is retiring and Santa is secretly scouting the Bentley Sleigh market!

Member: Well everyone it sounds like the game is finally afoot on the RV

MZ: There are a few things coming out of Iraq. There is a lot of pressure right now on the rate…..Today they were supposed to vote on some local government positions but they did not convene today due to lack of a quorum. 

MZ: As for the rumors- I have received a number of reach outs this morning ….from different sources…about a thousand or ten times improvement in Iraqi currency rates. They are saying this is the talk on the street that this is the starting point.

MZ:  I still think they will all go at once, but am prepared if Iraq does go slower. It looks like the overwhelming majority of people that hold it are going to make somewhere around 4 times or 10 times on their investment already. This is huge but not yet what we are looking for. They still want to restore their old rate pre-Kuwaiti invasion rate. ($3.22?) 

Member: Does Iraq need to be on the FOREX before they can float? Meaning the Dinar is Internationally accepted?

MZ: They have not officially started the float yet. But they want things to start moving immediately. 

MZ: other than that its pretty quiet…even on the redemption center fronts. Everybody is watching to see what is going on in Iraq. Will it come out lower and float or will they pull the trigger completely. 

MZ: “Will Saudi investment pledges in Iraq overcome barriers?” Saudi Arabia is reaching out to invest $24 Billion USD into the Iraqis sectors non-energy related. They want to focus on industries outside of oil for the day and time oil is not there or not needed anymore…..to make them more well rounded . 

MZ: Also I find it interesting that both Saudi Arabia and Iraq are also wanting to join BRICS. Iraq is trying to sever ties to the US government and to the west. 

MZ: I wanted to share this with you….one of you sent it to me last night about the revaluation of the Kuwait dinar. I know there are many sceptics that still say it never happened. Well it did happen. 

MZ: July 19, 2013 the article goes back and does a history dive on it. In-country they were exchanging an old Kuwaiti dinar for a new Kuwaiti dinar at a 1 to 1 rate. I have included this article in todays links. 

Member:  I heard the rate has changed yesterday, supposedly goes international next week .

Member: Just checked the rates, dinar went up to .00069 to one dinar.

Member: yes, saw it went up slightly this morning. Let’s hope this whole float thing happens. Many people in Iraq are counting on it.

Member: "Possible rates" still does not sound like the golden egg shirt...but we are getting closer! And closer! And closer!

Member: Hopefully the Dinar will be revalued around $3 or $4 per Dinar, then the 25,000 dinar notes will be worth a lot. Until then, don't get to excited when they start throw numbers out.

Member: I’m confused a little. What do we do if it floats ?? Do we wait till it’s higher ? 

Member: With the floating rate, think of it as like going to an auction. They gotta start somewhere. We will only get on board once we get our value. Then the Dinar is Sold, sold, Sold.

Member: If there is floating rate before the RV? Where do you exchange it?

Member: if it floats, and we are able to exchange, and it's worth enough for us to be contented, we exchange. Right now a dollar equals 1460 dinar. They say it'll soon start out at 1160.

Member: If it’s a float- we just wait for the rise to get to a higher number we would be happy with

MZ: Noone overthink this….we don’t yet know enough. 

Member: last night video- Frank explained the relationship between Paris accord and article 140

Member: Article 140 is what we always called "the hydrocarbon law". It has to do with ensuring that oil revenues are shared with the citizens, including the Kurds.

Member: Iraq need to go international with their rate to get their 20% from the Paris Agreement from 2007 so they have no choice! Frank26 states this.

Member: Frank has best Intel in Iraq though even Mark has said so

Member: At the end of Frank26 he said 1:1

Member: if it gets to 1 to 1 – I would sure exchange a note or two. 

Member: they need to get it done…..the RV can't go any slower than what it's going now! A snail could beat it now!

Member: I still am praying it happens before Christmas. 

Member: Stay positive….things are happening…..it may just pop suddenly…..

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Post by Mission1st Thu Dec 08, 2022 3:45 pm

Guru MarkZ 12/6/22 ?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.explicit.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP
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