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Guru MarkZ 12/2/22 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 12/2/22

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Guru MarkZ 12/2/22 Empty Guru MarkZ 12/2/22

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 02, 2022 2:27 pm

Member: Good morning early birds

Member: Hopefully this is the last pre-RV call with Mr. C……

MZ: its exceptionally quiet fight now on the RV front….even out of Iraq…There is nothing negative. Everyone is still very upbeat.  They are still excited in Europe and Asia for the 5th.

Member: The breath before the big dive or the calm before the storm??

Member: So it’s quiet again? Seriously? What will it take for them to release this thing???

MZ: It could be at anytime…..we do not know the timing…..it is event driven.  We are expecting the market crash at any time. 

MZ: There is some interesting world economic news……hopefully gives us clues as to where we are at. 

MZ: This is from the bank of England. “ CP16/22 Implementation of the Basel 3.1 standards: Currency Redenomination. “  specifically in this article they cover in depth the turning of the Euro back into native currencies.  This is important as they are talking about Basel 3.1 and how currency redenomination would work for the Bank of England. But it is also for other countries in Europe. 

MZ: This points to other countries going back to their sovereighn currencies. I find the timing of this one to be very interesting. 

Member: I heard when the Euro is gone and we see the Greek Drachma, the German Mark, The British pound ect….return……the reset is here……..

Member: The 'events' are lining up, for sure.

Member: There is still the possibility that Iraq goes first and alone if the GCR keeps dragging its feet. 

Member: I pray they do……it will light a fire under the rest of the world to get the GCR done!!!

Member: Should we take all currencies to exchange apt?

Member: Make this easy on yourselves, take all your currency with you to appointment, they will redeem what they can, the rest will be redeemable later.

Member: There is talk about Viet Nam and Venezuela joining BRICS! Should be very good for their currencies, IMHO

Member: Hope we can join the BRICS new financial system if the US keeps kicking the can. 

Member:  do I believe it will happen - Yes, and now I'm watching How it happens. its exciting. I'm NOT going up and down -- observation mode

MZ: Also “Pending US home sales drop 37% in the largest decline on record”  This is the sharpest decline in the history of the United States. This is important because it is a leading economic indicator . Leading indicators point to something ugly coming. 

Member:  well did anyone hear Bruce on the big call audio? the fence post has been moved again, now to Sunday maybe Monday. 

Member: Guess that lines up with Mark’s bond contacts expecting funding on Monday.

Member: I was just wondering when the backing of the gold and silver to the United States money is going to be released

Member: Bruce said it happened on Thanksgiving……..hope hes right 

Member: Why are central banks piling up the gold faster than past 55 years?b BASEL 3? ISO 20022. CBDC's on XRPL. XRP is Gold backed …stablecoin needed by banks….. XLM is Silver backed ….stablecoin for the folks.

Member: I have a Question that im trying to wrap my head around. The RV and political stuff are tied. We seem so close to RV but really far from political event... Thoughts?

Member:  Well with Nesara/Gesara we hear all governments around the world have to go away and new elections with 120 days…... guess we will see.   

Member:  I'm had more than enough Nothing Burgers... Mark I appreciate you and all the news that you share and know that you may be tired of Nothing Burgers as well?

Member: I think all intel providers are tired of this wait. I would like to thank them for all they do to keep us hanging in there until we exchange. 

Member:  one of my friends once said "It gets darkest just before it gets completely Black" and then the Dawn Breaks and the Sun shines!

Member:  "Could it be? Yes it could........ Something's coming, I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great! Around the corner, something bright is coming. Come on. Deliver to me!" West Side Story

Member: Remember “Thoughts become Things” keep your thoughts positive.

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