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Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 02, 2022 2:26 pm

We know a few things.
Iraq is planning something in early 2023.
There is just too many actions going on in the monetary reforms now all of a sudden since October to think otherwise.
First, there is a new rate in the QFS and it is a fantastic rate.
For months the rate for the IQD was blanks now it is recalculated.
Second, the new prime minister is pushing to get the 2023 budget out to parliament by the end of November then to have parliament vote and pass into law by the end of December.
This is of course a VERY, VERY aggressive schedule and is almost impossible based on past Iraq performances.
But if they can do it, we have a very real possibility of a reinstatement in January 2023, at least I am hearing this is a target period for the CBI.
Remember they will also have to conduct the delete the zeros project somewhere in the process too so we need to keep an eye out for this in the articles.
Third, the US is auditing all the banks in Iraq to international standards and conducting monetary policy lectures with banking staff.
Fourth, we just read in articles the closing of many major banks that did not follow their banking standards.
Why did they just close them now and not a year ago?
Why is the US in Iraq now conducting audits and not a year ago?
Fifth, oil prices will drop significantly in 2023 as this period of oil independence of the US will soon resume once Biden and his corrupt administration are gone.
The window of opportunity for Iraq is slowly closing.
In today’s news summary:
So, this period of news is mostly all about the exposure of the massive and unprecedented corruption in Iraq.
We are being told it will come out in the coming days.
But will it and who actually will finally go to jail over it?
Will it be the little guys again or the head of the snake?
So, it appears that the Central Bank of Iraq is working to automate banking business especially in the currency auction windows according to the best banking standards, which includes full audit capabilities of all transactions.
This is a new computer system to track the money.
Like I have said many times the massive oil proceeds of $90-120 a barrel of oil will not last for long for Iraq as the world’s energy supplies are changing or going to rapidly change in the near future.
Oil and its current uses as the main energy source will soon be a thing of the past.
No, I am not saying tomorrow of even next year, but the writing is on the wall.
This conversion from oil should have happened decades ago but didn’t due to the massive profits in oil and the refusal to give it up.
So, today we read articles on the emphasis once again on alternative sources of revenues for Iraq beside oil.

We are told these revenues could rival oil revenues but must be managed and collected properly.
The advisor to the Central Bank of Iraq Ihsan al-Yasiri, said in a speech during his participation in the scientific conference of the Ministry of Finance entitled (The conference title is reforming the banking sector, our way to achieve economic advancement) on (November 23, 2022) that “the conference is completely consistent with the concerns of the Central Bank and its continuous efforts to reform the banking sector as one the most important engines of development in the country.
They are desperately attempting to change over the banking sector that arose from the womb of the past socialist system to a free capitalistic free enterprise system like the west.
Again, we hear they are developing a plan for the customs, tariffs, taxes and tourism revenues to support the government expenditures.
We know they already have the system installed but now fully utilized.
This could have prevented the “crime of the century” with the massive tax scandal we recently read about.
The prime minister renewed the Kurdistan Region’s support for the legitimate demands of Christians and the various components in the Nineveh Plain and the Kurdish regions outside the region, and stressed the need to solve the problems of these regions within the framework of Article 140 of the constitution.
Can they finally implement Article 140?
They need this article to complete their constitutional condition promises.
So, we should not expect any RV until at least January 2023, if even then.
We must ALL keep praying as this war is not just against Donald Trump and MAGA conservatives who want to clean up the corruption but also against you and me.
Many prophets are once again bringing very recent news of 2 supreme court judges stepping down due to corruption.
So, this too could be very close at hand.
Once this is done, it may also help in bringing about the ruling of the voter fraud in the two past elections.
The prophets tell us many things from God’s word that, as we move towards and then into 2023, things will get better and better.
We also know that somewhere in this mix there is a massive monetary change coming and I firmly believe that our IQD is part of it.
Our wealth transfer will be part of the seed money for the new economy of the USA after the crash.
Also, I believe that gold and silver will shoot up suddenly and aggressively as later on the news of going back to a gold standard will come out, finally.
Yes, it has been a very hard road these last couple years, but it will get much better.
Iraq cannot stay on the program rate and currency auctions forever and must go to FOREX as this is also the long-term plan.
We are living the days already in the future of the long-term future, yes, it is here now.
They cannot delay this any longer.

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