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Guru MarkZ 11/29/22

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Post by Ssmith Tue Nov 29, 2022 2:51 pm

Member: Happy Taco Tuesday…..or Terrific Tuesday!

Member: If you focus on the positive, every day is a great day !!

Member: I find Mark's picture today interesting. Yesterday's picture they were seated at the table working things out. Today's pictures looks like they have finished.

Member: Is this is our week Mark?

MZ: Nobody knows “when” but we know its close and have some great signs and some great back and forth from some folks. Most of it this morning on what to expect and where to believe we are at…..had a talk with Miss Sheila (CMKX and currency contact) …..

MZ:  “KRG delegation in Baghdad to resolve outstanding issues”  Why am I harping on this again? This is the Kurdistan regional government. Why is article140 important ? Sheila reminded of this.

MZ: A number of folks that are very plugged in were very excited after last night. I got hit by calls and texts last night…..We were told years ago that when we saw 140 pass it would be very close to seeing the revaluation f the Iraqi dinar. 

Member: What is article 140

Member: I believe it’s a bill giving all citizens of Iraq monthly proceeds from oil sales…..men , women and children. Kuwait does this….Alaska does this…..all Alaskans get a yearly check from oil companies.  

MZ: Article 140 addresses sharing money with individual Iraqi citizens …of course this is oil and gas revenues for the Kurdish region as well. This was an enormous missing piece that got filled last night. I was reminded of this by  folks last night that are way up the chain on this that are connected to bankers, attorneys and paymasters…..They are very excited.  

MZ: The passing of article 140 is huge…..and a big part of the excitement today. 

Member: Everyone is talking  about the Hydrocarbon Laws  or article 140 and sharing of oil revenues with Iraqi citizens right now. Frank26 talked about this last night as well. 


Member: Iraq just needs to do it……..the Iraqi people and the rest of the world desperately needs this

Member: I would be completely happy with a NEER Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) right now. Any least it would take some pressure off!

Member: Has Venezuela and Viet Nam joined BRICS?????

Member: Venezuela has for sure……

MZ:” Eurasian Economic Union explores common payment system with BRICS”  Eurasia, BRICS, Asia are all coming together with an alternative economy…..and IRAQ is actively pursuing joining BRICS.

MZ: Iraq is one of the biggest lynchpins in the entire reset of the economic RV and is headed towards BRICS. What does that tell you?  That the great standoff between the WEF (world economic forum or deep state) and the rest of the world is a boiling pot about to blow the lid off. 

MZ: I think this is Iraqs way of saying they are done waiting for the west and are going to move forward with the back up plan of joining BRICS in order to force the reset…..So I am excited about this movement. 

Member: Looks like the deep state getting hit with brics…..lol. 

Member: Mark based on your new exciting info…what is your best guess of timing?

MZ: I can tell you what the chatter is coming out of Iraq which appears probable. Iraqi chatter is they are going to announce to the world that they changed their rate on the 3rd of Dec. That is the chatter from overnight…... This would mean things need to happen very soon…..seems the 140 implementation has shaken things loose over there and was a massive step forward for Iraq. 

MZ: Lets see if Iraq follows through…..they have left us at the alter many times already.  

MZ: I think it could be tomorrow…or it could be the 3rd…..I think we are in the short end of it. Noone knows the exact timing until it happens…..we just know what they are expecting. 

Member: once the kurds are invited to the $$$$$ table looks like its done!!! Awesome news!!

MZ: We have been told for years that the Hydrocarbon law and article 140 has been a big sticking point to finishing the RV of the dinar. And the sharing of oil revenue fairly and honestly among all the citizens….I am excited about this move forward. 

Member: I wonder when the new rate is finally revealed, will it be active and actual from that very moment moving forward?

Member: it should be….and we should be making exchange appointments….

Member: And redemption centers are looking at it overnight tomorrow night into Thursday. 

MZ: if Iraq wants to announce to the world on Dec. 3rd….then theoretically they need to RV a few days ahead of that….

Member: Royal Bank of Canada to buy HSBC Canada division for 10-13.5 $Billion

Member: Timing is interesting with XRP to Pop in the next few days as well. It’s gonna go at same time of currency revaluation. QFS to move the $$$$$

Member: anyone see an IRS announcement from yesterday?

MZ: I keep trying to reach my contacts and cannot reach them…..I am hearing nothing on this. 

Member: A broadcast I heard said IRS is going to send a 1099 for any transaction of $600 and above for people that use Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and all online accounts such as these.

Member: Julie Green mentioned the Fed and the IRS this morning.

Member: I'm dreaming of a Great Christmas

Member: Mark Huge Thanks as always for bringing this community all the latest news & updates.

Member: Thanks Mark for all the Intel and great advice.

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