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Guru MarkZ 11/5/22

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Guru MarkZ 11/5/22 Empty Guru MarkZ 11/5/22

Post by Ssmith Sat Nov 05, 2022 3:18 pm

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Morning and welcome to another weekend waiting. 

Member: Maybe the last one broke????

Member: Remember, Remember the 5th of November. Guess we will soon see if there is anything memorable happening today. 

Member: Remember Christmas in July….. that was swept under the rug….and Red October was also a bust….

MZ: Most of us are still looking from the 8th until the 11th. Banking sources still think this is our weekend to early in the week.   Their record is even worse than mine….lol. 

Member: So is there a juicy “something burger “ for us today Mark

MZ: unfortunately no…We seem to be on a diet of fasting for news right now. Today is a massive nothing burger. 

MZ: Checked in with Redemption Center contacts…dead quiet. They are on call with nothing to tell. 

MZ: Nothing overnight on the Iraq front. We know they sat their cabinets. We know they sat their ministers and it is now up to the CBI.. 

MZ: Quiet from bond contacts, CMKX contacts…you name it. It was dead silent overnight. 

Member: still all quiet in the news. we're super close to going! Imo

Member: Those poor bond holders and whales stuck in motels being constantly lied too……imagine how frustrated they are.

Member: the whales have a hell of a motel bill

Member: I wonder why the 5th of November is so special?? Anyone know?????

Charlie Ward calls in: Mark puts him on speaker:

CW : I was told by a spiritual advisor yesterday that there may be a false flag happening on the 8th which is Tuesday. And it will look far worse as mainstream media will blow it out of proportion. Then they will hold the election as a state of emergency is declared …and then the Us army could step in and expose plots…..then the Us Army will run the country for a short time. I thought I would share this possibility with you. It’s hard to discern the truth out of a whole world of bullshit. 

MZ: it really is a world full of bullshit right now. 

CW: It could be….it sounds right….we know something is going on. It would make sense.  We are trying to do everything we can to establish the truth.

MZ: We have been expecting a false flag event……we will be watching. They are trying to scare people away from voting…imo

Member: Sure hope the military takes over every TV station and fires them all

Member: Lots of rumors of a nuclear threat out there. 

Member: Military steps in. Then what ???  Sounds like it could be Nesara/Gesara…along with new elections??  And the Reset?????

Member: So should we stay home on Tuesday?

MZ: Everyone should get out and vote……many times there were threats and nothing happened. 

Member: Thanks Charlie and MarkZ for sharing

Member: Charlie seen we were hungry and brought us an appetizer.

Member: yesterday on a video Simon Parkes gives 6 senerios. Says 1 of them is the right one. Your pick

Member: I like SIMON PARKS ...OPTION 5 on his last podcast of potential options

SIMON PARKES Midterms Update: https://bestnewshere.com/simon-parkes-november-8th-midterms-intel-update-must-see-video/

Member: If this new money system is indeed traceable im still confused on the never ending delays. They can shut it off if needed

Member: I was just wondering for days now , If they come out low and we only have 60 days to cash out , what if the rate doesn't get to where we want, we lose?

Member:I believe  Mark had said it should not affect our rate in tier 4b – we are exchanging under the “oil for dinar “ contract…..but folks exchanging with street rate at banks…..they will have to take whatever rate it is when they go to the banks…..hopefully we find out soon what that rate is. 

Member: Anyone have any info on the current anticipated Dong rate?

Member: they said 2 to 4 dollars and l heard half of dinar. but what ever it is will be more than you spent so its a blessing.

Member: Its amazing the millions that are suffering more everyday and yet this huge humanitarian RV isnt released to stop this


Member: I think after or on Tuesday things are going to happen.

Member: NESARA GESARA on Rumble just said that the EBS is ready!!

Member: I hear Martial law will be in many countries including us

Member: If Martial law is declared all of the following may stop in the affected areas: Postal services, Fire Departments, Schools... plan ahead

Member: we just have to wait pray to God. we are going to soon be totally free from all this oppression. no more chains

Member: Jesus I pray for peace for everyone on this chat and I’ll patriots globally. Give us your peace your strength your blessings your perfect design reset. We are eager to bring heaven on earth

Member: Hope everyone has a great weekend and can enjoy the great outdoors and family time

Member: yall have a great day and weekend! keep your heads on a swivel and be safe wherever you are!

Member: Thanks to Mark and the wonderful mods….we appreciate you all. 

Member: Prayers for the victims of Tornado outbreak yesterday in Texas Oklahoma Arkansas they had some bad ones

Member: Remember: Sunday is the end of Daylight Savings time….Spring forward-Fall Back…..be sure to set your clocks back one hour…..


CBD Gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for their information 

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


[(Guru) Nader said…that when the dinar selling stops…the RV/Ri will happen.]

He is right…but it’s my opinion…and the opinion in the Iraq finance ministry that you will see a complete stoppage …but not until moments before…or at the exact moment the RV goes. We are not going to get that much of a warning. The IMF and The UN says it’s now up to Iraq to pull that trigger.

Still hearing positive things for this upcoming week…Iraq has been very crystal clear…that the value of the dinar will be going up in the near future. They told us they are going to raise it. The question is how much they are going to raise it and how soon. Will it go from 1450 to 1200 and floating…or will it be the Nominal Effective Exchange Rate of 1 to 1 or $1.60…. I am still hearing from my sources in Iraq that they will not do 1 to 1 but if they do the NEER rate it will be $1.60 and float up. We know the rate will be going up. Their politicians have told us this…thier banks have told us this. The UN has told us this…. The question is when and how much.

We seem to be in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen. Redemption center folks are on call…They are hearing much chatter of them working very long days ahead. I believe they are trying to quiet speculation. We know it will revalue…It is inevitable.

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Guru MarkZ 11/5/22 Empty Re: Guru MarkZ 11/5/22

Post by Kevind53 Mon Nov 07, 2022 12:23 am

More like consider everything on this call pure BS.
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Post by Mission1st Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:08 pm

Guru MarkZ 11/5/22 2thxf7
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