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Post by kenlej Mon Apr 11, 2022 12:04 pm

I have watched TPTB, for a very long time, making incremental changes in the way we live. I realized it was not for our benefit. Nixon taking us off of the gold standard. Money is then printed with nothing to back it. The creation of the Federal Reserve. That has been covered at length by people much smarter than I am, so I won’t dwell on that. Of course, there were changes before that. Probably a hundred years earlier.
The Industrial Revolution, besides making crooks like Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie extremely wealthy, also began reducing the number of people farming. I suppose living in the big cities, working at the mills and factories of the day was much more interesting than growing food. But that was just a first step.
Getting people used to the idea of the government taking care of them began during the Great Depression, also engineered and FDR took full advantage of it. Don’t forget, he was from a banking family. Before that, people took care of themselves and their family. But, that creates a spirit of independence. Can’t have that.
Starting in the late 40’s after WWII, more women were in the workforce. I witnessed some changes that, even as a child, I thought were not good ideas. I was one of two children at my school who’s mother worked outside the home. Mine at night. It does train you to be pretty self-sufficient. But it also loosens those family ties that, I believe, are the bedrock of our society.
One of the first things I questioned as a child was the hybridizing of seeds and plants. The effort to produce some fruits, like grapes and watermelon that were seedless. Why? People were too lazy to spit out the seeds? Already at ten, I was a seed saver. I realized that we might not be able to plant and grow our own food one day, if this continued. By junior high, I was watching the government pay farmers not to plant some of their fields. Why? Even more appalling were the animals slaughtered, the milk dumped, and the grains destroyed. When there were people in the world starving? We couldn’t find a way to get that food to, even people in our own country who were going hungry? I thought the government wanted to take care of its citizens. Why were these things being done? To regulate prices, of course.
I watched farmers over the years, being persuaded to buy hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizer and poisonous pesticides. The reason given was, “You will get a lot more yield.” “The seeds are more pest resistant.” Then why would they need Round-up? Finally, they were sold GMO seeds. Better living through chemistry? Hardly. How many farmers have died of cancer? Is this what David Icke calls the totalitarian tip toe?
I noticed as products once hand crafted, were mass-produced. They lost their quality and longevity. It wasn’t your imagination that your second washer or refrigerator didn’t work as well or as long as the first ones you bought. I was amused after microwaves hit the market to watch as the manufacturers realized the plastic dishes they made to use in them lasted way too long. The next ones were nowhere near as good a quality.
Has anyone else noticed the move away from cars that are easily kept operational by just about any shade tree mechanic, to be replaced by more and more complicated vehicles? A sensor now for every function. Batteries are stored under the floor in the back seat. Starters you have to take half of the front of the vehicle apart to even reach. None of these things were accidental.
At the same time, we were presented with agency after agency created to ‘help’ those on the economic bottom. I have no problem with giving someone a helping hand when they are in real need, especially through no fault of their own. But, realize you are being set up to become a permanent recipient of government largess. My daughter and I had the same situation happen to us two decades apart. When she, at five, had to have surgery, I wasn’t able to work for nearly two years. I went onto something called A.D.C. (Aid to Dependent Children). As soon as I was able, I went back to work and called DHS to let them know I wouldn’t need their assistance anymore and thanked them for the help when I did need it. I was chastised for going back to work. I might not be able to get their help again. There might not be any place for me and on and on. I couldn’t figure out why she was angry at me until I realized their funding likely was dependent on the head count.
My daughter experienced the same thing when the plant where she worked closed. When she was able to find work again, after a short time and called to let the agency know, the woman actually screamed at her and told her they wouldn’t help her again. People aren’t meant to be self-sufficient. TPTB want us completely dependent on them for all of our needs. Does that sound like Agenda 21/30 to anyone else?

For most of our history, even people who lived in towns had gardens, maybe a grape arbor and a fruit tree or two. There were still local grain mills where farmers could sell their grain and people could buy it there. You could also buy meat, eggs, and honey from local growers instead of halfway across the country. Or more and more, from another country. When you allow yourself to become dependent on those imports, of any kind, what happens when the spiket dries up, the ships stop coming, the trucks grind to a halt due to over-regulations or ever-increasing fuel prices? Most stores have a three to four day inventory of the majority of their products. What happens when those shelves aren’t restocked?
Now we have several disasters all hitting at once. Higher fuel prices, lack of fertilizer, lack of seeds, even GMOs. Parts and components for all kinds of things we have gotten used to, no longer come in from China or take a long time to get here. Because some geniuses decided it would be a great idea to close up our factories and move them offshore. A guy who is retiring from our local electric company told my husband that by summer our electric bill will double, maybe triple. Why? Because the government won’t allow the company to use coal to generate electricity anymore. They have to switch over to natural gas. Someone explain to me where all the coal is going that I see go past us every day. Four to six trains. Each train is made up of 100 coal cars, each car carrying 100 tons of coal. It’s going somewhere. My guess would be China.
This is all part of their plan. I knew where we were headed when I heard Globalist Maurice Strong at a UN World conference in Rio in 1992, say, “The only country standing in the way of our One World Government is the United States. We need to turn it into a third-world country. And we can do it.” It has taken the globalists longer than they wanted, but I would say they have been pretty successful.
So, are we doomed? I don’t think so. It may not be easy or a quick fix, but I think we can make changes that will lighten the burden they are trying to inflict on us. Like General Flynn says, it begins where you live. Pay attention to your state, county, and local politicians and school board members. I notified our city council that I would be looking for any signs that they were onboard with Agenda 21 & 30. And, I knew what to look for.
Then, look for ways to be able live as self-sufficiently as possible. That will very with where you live. If you can’t move out of a large city, God help you. Unless it is like Chicago when I lived there in the late 60’s. It seemed to me like Chicago was made up of many ‘small towns’. There were small and large communities of various ethnic groups. There were stores and restaurants in each one. I loved that. If the large cities are still that way, you may stand a chance if you work to protect each other. Buy as much storable food and water as you can and a way to defend it.
Small-town America will be better off. Most people can grow at least some food in their yards. I have at least thirty herbs for cooking and healing, a small garden for mostly root vegetables, and a raised garden for greens and tomatoes. Pots of blueberries, a strawberry patch, and rhubarb. I also have the equipment to grow food in the basement should that become necessary. That isn’t bad for a small corner lot. Plus, you can hide some vegetables in among your flowerbeds if needed.
I sat one day and made a game out of it. What would I need or wish I had if an EMP took us back to 1850? It was a very long list, but I have managed to acquire most of it, including a treadle sewing machine. I pay attention to the Amish. Some of them do use gas for their appliances. But, no electricity. They save heritage seeds to replant and use draft horses to pull their plows for planting their crops. And they use the fertilizer that God provided, seasoned manure. While that might not be feasible for huge Big Ag farms, couldn’t most manage by breaking up those monster fields into smaller plots like they used to farm? Also, by eliminating the middle man, farmers could sell directly to consumers. People could revive some of the dormant grain mills around the country. Bartering could become a way of life again.
Can we do it? I think so. Of course, TPTB would be fighting us every step of the way. And already have been. Now you know the reason why it is illegal in Colorado to collect rain water. Some cities/towns have outlawed gardens on private property. In some places, they are making farmers markets so over-regulated, people have stopped selling that way. But, I’m thinking when the s**t really does hit the fan, they are going to be much too busy trying to survive themselves, they won’t have as much time or clout to annoy us. Doing everything we can to try to survive is better than sitting in our homes, hungry, cold, and waiting for the city hoards to come raiding. Oh yes, make sure you can defend yourself, your family and property. Even the Amish, as religious as they are, are allowed self-defense.
I made sure to buy heritage seeds that besides the food grown, will reproduce seeds for next year. And, I bought enough to plant several community gardens. Rather than robbing your neighbors if times get hard, let’s prepare to have enough necessities to share and barter with. And don’t forget the elderly. I discovered during a time of caring for the elderly, and doing Hospice work, that the elderly have extensive knowledge and experience of living with little. Many lived through the Great Depression. Useless eaters? Hardly! In spite of the Globalists trying to kill off as many of the elderly in the last two years, with their poison jabs, and, in order to save Social Security that they robbed and used as their slush fund, we can make sure our elderly are cared for.
Each of us needs to do as much as we can to provide for our families, extend that help to our neighbors and defend ourselves from anyone determined to take what we have. We can come through any hard time., But now is the time to prepare, learn survival skills, and put supplies away. Think about what you would need in a grid-down situation and acquire as many of those things as you can now.
If the worst doesn’t happen, no big deal. We will use most of it. And we will have learned to take care of ourselves and never again allow any government to care for all of our needs. If you have any doubts about that, just ask the American Indians how that worked out for them.

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