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MarkZ says - They very much expect us to have emails in the mass by the 9th or on the 9th or possibly sooner DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - They very much expect us to have emails in the mass by the 9th or on the 9th or possibly sooner

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MarkZ says - They very much expect us to have emails in the mass by the 9th or on the 9th or possibly sooner Empty MarkZ says - They very much expect us to have emails in the mass by the 9th or on the 9th or possibly sooner

Post by RamblerNash Sun Feb 06, 2022 10:58 pm

Member: Happy Saturday everyone

Member: I am ready for rich people problems. I mastered broke people problems….move me to the next level please.

MZ: I am hearing great things this weekend. Redemption folks meetings this morning and they are on call all weekend. They discussed a lot of last minute updates with anything to do with how things are expected to roll out.

MZ: They very much expect us to have emails in the mass by the 9th or on the 9th or possibly sooner.

MZ: We have another bond person with dollars. All they will say is “I have dollars and am under an NDA”

MZ: I have heard from some other intel people that they also have bond contacts that received funding last night….So I am watching it…..It is excting.

MZ: out of Iraq everyone is talking about it…conversations in this morning news from Iraq about the white papers and the implementation of them as they continue to roll out the rates.

MZ: The US will not be left behind. I was told they have 14T dinar in the US Treasury. We will be a key cog in the wheel of how this thing will go with the Reset…..so don’t worry about that….

MZ: All the chatter today is absolutely stunning and good……There is a lot happening in the world.

MZ: I did talk to Sheila who is one of my CMKX contacts…basically in a nutshell….She is hearing what we are hearing…. that things started rolling out on the 3rd and expected to culminate around the 9th….This is roughly when we expect notices, emails and CMKX. She is also hearing fantastic things….

MZ: So short of a serious diversionary event-it looks like we are in the final days of this.

Member: My BB&T is changing the Signage and the ATM is changed to TRUIST and will be closed the 18-22

Member: Hello Mark, have you heard of the gold backed digital coin on a new exchange platform called AABB? They mine gold to back their token on their exchange platform.

MZ: Many will be going this route in the future.

Member: Some were saying rates up to $11.90 for dinar 60 days ago….no they are saying $1.50 to $3. Help us understand.

MZ: Take this to the bank. Nobody will know the exact value until we get to the bank.

MZ: if they are looking at the local market it is expected to come out lower in Iraq and then they will let it float. We have seen this happen before….we have seen it happen in Kuwait. It happened in Germany after World War 2. It happened in Japan after World War 2. There are many examples throughout history of how this works.

Member: do we have to wait for it to float up?

MZ: No, It should not be a float for us because we are part of a group- 4b or the internet group and we expect a fixed rate or contract rate straight out of the gate. This is how my bankers have explained it to me….. If you live in Baghdad however, you should wait for it to float higher.

MZ: I am told all the redemption centers will offer the same rates.

Member: It was $3.22 US to a dinar before the Gulf war…..if its reinstated….we assume it will go back at least to that……maybe much higher due to inflation. We all just have to wait and see.

Member: Silver pricing based on supply and demand. Took M2 from Debit Clock and total silver production 2021 divide results $23,957. 1970 prices $3876.59 1955 prices $2540.54. More purchasing power in 1955.

Member: I wish we could see some proof that things are happening

Member: One sort of proof is the Fed is falling, fiat is failing, and it has to be replaced with SOMETHING. Russia/Putin just gleefully waiting to be "excluded." I think that's the trigger event.

Member: We don’t know 90% of what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s just unbelievable how much “they” block out from us.

Member: We need Nesara/Gesara to happen asap to save the world

Member: NESARA is happening behind the scenes

Member: The Great Awakening is happening worldwide.

Member: I have heard there has been debt forgiveness before (mortgages) in previous resets.

Member I still hear we will have a flat tax with the new system. Second hand things not taxed? new things Taxed..

Member: I am going to need emotional support after this happens cause I won't have anything to worry about! Lol

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods…..hoping this is our last weekend broke

Member: Mark, thank you for your endless efforts.

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