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MarkZ says - No hold up….all of my sources say the schedule is set DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - No hold up….all of my sources say the schedule is set

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MarkZ says - No hold up….all of my sources say the schedule is set Empty MarkZ says - No hold up….all of my sources say the schedule is set

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 27, 2022 9:36 pm

Member: I PRAY we get VERY good news today. I am becoming discouraged

Member: I believe this is going to be an amazing news day! Buckle up!

MZ: I am still hearing absolutely nothing negative. Groups are still hopeful they will start funding these groups tonight or early tomorrow morning.

MZ: Bond redemption folks are still hearing the timing is from today until Monday for them. A number of them have appointments for liquidity……so today we are just waiting.

MZ: it appears they are on their set schedule and we are waiting for it to play out.

MZ: It was a serious nothing burger overnight but that is not a bad thing….there is a lot happening behind the lines….people are still feverishly working ……

MZ: I feel very confident that things are happening even as we speak and big things are occurring….

Member: The calm before the storm or the deep breath before the plunge??

Member: Thank the Lord for all the GOOD THINGS happening in IRAQ

Member: Save the whales!!

MZ: Yes let’s save the whales…..get them paid and out of there…lol So we can all have our turn at the trough…

Member: just a thought the QFS is supposed to be a lot faster than the systems we have now and all bonds ore supposed to be on the qfs if that is so then why is it taking so long to pay out?

Member: So mark what do your sources say is the hold up?

MZ: No hold up….all of my sources say the schedule is set and that they cannot share it….notice they are not leaving…that’s probably the best indicator that we are close and its sometime soon. Other then that we are all guessing on timing.

MZ: So based on whales staying in place, the constant articles from Iraq saying they are raising the rate…and they want the new rate before they open the 2022 budget…..we know its near …we just don’t know if they will get it all done within the next week or two. At this point I do not think there is a can being kicked….all systems are go……

Member: I wonder who makes the decision for us to GO??

Member: There was NO Big Call from Bruce on the 25th??  hmmmmmmm

Member: I wonder how do all redemption centers and whales handle this quiet time, like us ….going a little bat crazy?

Member: ..did you see what Holly wrote in Dinar Recaps last night? looks like some may be paid out and just can't say....

Member: Holly said they’re cracking down in people talking about this. They have to follow their NDA. She said it’s really serious now, but things are happening. We’re just not hearing about it now.

Member: Mark, could it be that a lot of contacts are not able to talk anymore because it's that close? I will go with that.

Member: Dow soaring- up 560 pts. Gold/Silver big smackdown in pre market. Mining stocks bitch-slapped again.

Member: After Dow losing 2692.78 points since the 5 of January today, they are starting to try to put about 20% back in by starting around 500 points. Amazing what you can do with a click of a mouse!

Member: Silver down $0.75. Gold down $19 . Mining stocks pummeled. Most are near or below book values!

Member: Dow ended last night at -129 but started this morning at +380 .. nothing wrong with this LOL

MZ: Article: “The Dow has swung about 1000 points each day this week. This only happens in times of crisis”

MZ: you are seeing these great swings while folks are trying to find some value in the market….This is what you are watching occur.

Member: Evergrande’s final extension ends today

Member: pimpy said on a video last night the zim we hold may be the wrong kind?? The trillion dollar notes are not good???

Member: about the Zim …remember he said a lot of disinformation was going to pour out here at the end

Member: You have to remember we are at war, disinformation is necessary

MZ: I’m not sure where he gets his information…I know all the paymasters and groups who have aggregated Zim and are waiting for funds firmly believe in this 100 Trillion Zim note is good…now we do undersatand that the Zim bond notes will be handled differently….more like a prosperity program and a bond then a revaluation of currency. .

Member: Things are not always as they seem. They can appear to be good and in reality they may be very bad, or , they may appear to be very bad, when in reality, they are very good.

Member: Any new estimates on the dong?

MZ: I am still hearing $2.20-$2.30….

Member:  The US Dollar has three currency codes assigned to it.USD = US DollarUSS = US Dollar Same DayUSN = US Dollar Next Day

Member: Duck Duck Go says USS is US Dollar (same day) "business,currency code"

Member: USS US Dollar Same Day denominates that the funds are immediately available for transfer or withdrawal. USN US Dollar Next Day denominates that the funds are subject to settlement.

MZ: Yes…right now according to currency world…( posting a chart) the US has 3 currencies…A USD, a USN…who convert 1 to 1…..and then you have another one that is also 1 to 1…the USS…….This is very interesting…..and I am very curious why we have 3 currencies listed for the US…….

Member: Can someone show a picture of rainbow currency?

MZ: I asked a bank teller yesterday while I was there doing other business ….if she had seen the new rainbow currency yet…..you should have seen the surprised look in her eyes….she said “She has seen it”…but no other comments.

Member: Got cash from bank yesterday. Asked if it would be the new currency? She said no! I said so you've got it all locked in the vault? Would not answer me!!!

Member:  Thank you Mark for being here for us. Even when a nothing burger at least we are in the know

Member: One day we will tell our grandchildren, we had to walk up the hill both ways for miles in the snow waiting on the RV to happen Lol

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