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Bruce says - They are there to take advantage of what we call Military Law – NOT Martial Law anymore DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce says - They are there to take advantage of what we call Military Law – NOT Martial Law anymore

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Bruce says - They are there to take advantage of what we call Military Law – NOT Martial Law anymore Empty Bruce says - They are there to take advantage of what we call Military Law – NOT Martial Law anymore

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:36 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 48:08


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday January 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in all over this beautiful marble globe – Thanks for listening whether it’s live or on the replay – I’m excited and let’s have a great call tonight

We don’t know if this will be our last call – sometimes it feels like it is – you know the drill – it is either Tuesday and Thursday night – so we will see what happens by next Tuesday – but I feel really good about where we are so let’s talk a little bit about where we are and where we’ve been over the last couple of days from an intel point of view

Tonight is Thursday night – we’ve been hearing about – let’s start with the bond holders – we’ve been hearing that they we to receive an email today or tomorrow that would give them access to their funds – remember they can “see” the funds in their account but they can’t get to it –and spend it yet –

This is the first – if they do receive it over the next few days – and it may take the whole weekend for them to get access to it – then they are off and running and that will be 20% of their total that they receive from their bond transactions ok – so they get access to 20% and get access to the remaining 80% in about 90 days – it could be 6 months in some cases- but they are certainly going to have no problem for the next 60-90 days – 6 months with 20% of their totals – because it is significant – they are in really good shape –

Now when it comes to “us” we have heard some things in the last day or so that are pointing towards this whole thing going down – in the next several days – I don’t know how quickly it will go but we know that it is close to being released

There are some things going on out there – I’ll tell you right now – the Military is in very strong movement capability all over the country – we have forces in places in all 50 states – there is something major getting ready to happen – some of you may be aware of it – I have not used the Big Call as a platform to discuss some of the political aspects of what is going on – but – cause I don’t want to get off our central track here –

But I think we’re going to see the possibility of the Emergency Alert System (EBS) being activated very quickly – in fact we thought it could be used today – I think it is going to be within a day or so it could be used and we should be under as of today or tomorrow under constitutional law – not only constitutional law but instead of Martial Law - ok which is why Military is actively engaged in all 50 states – active and reserve military –

They are there to take advantage of what we call Military Law – NOT Martial Law anymore – they don’t use that term any longer – so let’s see what that looks like – I think over this weekend – we could get a few surprises – some things may come our way – and we’ll see how that manifests

It’s one of these things where all of these pieces are coming together globally – the QFS is lining up – we’ve heard even yesterday that certain countries are all connected and ready to go from a readiness point of view – the QFS and with the StarLink System – we know that Iraq is ready to roll with what they are doing with their currency and they did start trading it –

You know a long time ago – now Sunday a week ago it started to come out and I believe that the numbers that we have heard on where the Dinar is now – has an in country rate and is in really good shape and really for us we will have a different higher rate – we don’t talk about it in the actual numbers but you know we have discussed it in the past in terms of what Dr Shabibi had projected way back in 2012 - 9-10 years ago now – 10 years ago he projected that – it’s amazing and I think with what’s been going on it’s going to be that high or much higher actually –than he said –

You know – it’s really a good thing that we can share what we can knowing this that some things we cannot get close to – there’s some things that are just seemingly private – we’ve heard some really good things about what is happening out West –

We’ve heard really good things about bond holders in and the fact that they’re about ready to receive their funds out of Miami – Reno – Zurich and we know what we are hearing is pointing towards this going in pretty short order

Now I don’t know if we’re going to get anything for us – I’m hearing the possibility of Saturday being very strong for us – to be notified and hopefully started – it could be an early morning type notification – I know they were cleaning up the email notifications that Wells Fargo has – trying to just clean those emails up as best as they could - they may not find everybody but they surely will after the appointments are made –

So I highly recommend everybody stay in faith this coming – I think we’re going to see some really positive things happen over this weekend – I don’t know if it means we would get started as early as Saturday – but I think it is possible we could –

Let’s make sure our Plan A is still intact and Plan B is ready to supersede it

Thanks everybody for listening.

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