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MarkZ says - i think 3-7 days ….maybe sooner for us to get our 4b notifications….. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - i think 3-7 days ….maybe sooner for us to get our 4b notifications…..

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MarkZ says - i think 3-7 days ….maybe sooner for us to get our 4b notifications….. Empty MarkZ says - i think 3-7 days ….maybe sooner for us to get our 4b notifications…..

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:29 pm

Member: Are we there yet…lol

Member: Let’s hope those bonds were pushed through and they have money in hand bc it’s our turn soon!!

MZ: I think today could be an exciting day. We have bond folks that are still in place and still expecting the release of those funds today. They were told they are working feverishly to get money from the master accounts to the bond holders……spendable money. We will be watching it throughout the day.

MZ: if I get word that bond folks have money in hand I will come on and reach out to all of you …..

MZ: Someone asked me what I think our timing will be once bond money goes out…..i think 3-7 days ….maybe sooner for us to get our 4b notifications…..

MZ: There is nothing negative. I have not heard any negative news overnight…... No news yet from Dubai and Iraq this morning.

Member: I’ve heard before that no news is good news, not sure that applies here!  lol

MZ: I did speak with contacts at a redemption center…they are working a half day tomorrow and will be on call this Sunday.

Member: Something to think about we wait all this time for the Bonds to go and now they put the codes in wrong! Really something don't seem right! IMO

Membr: At this point I hope Iraq says to hell with the world and just RV’s its dinar without the GCR.

Member: If the Dinar does go first, I wonder how do we go about redeeming our Dinar? Do we set up appointment at redemption center or just go to a local bank like we did when we bought our dinar?

MZ: “Markets are a sea of red amidst a total meltdown in anything tech and pandemic winners” from Zerohedge…..They are talking about where the market is going. The big news here is a 3.1 trillion in options that are expiring. We are at the end of a deep cycle with a tremendous amount of options expiring. The Average stock is down over 40% already.

MZ: It will be an interesting day and an interesting weekend in the markets. They are implding all around us. 

Member: After reset, will stock options still exist? Technically they are derivatives as I understand it?

Member: Nasdaq down 215 already

Member: markets dropping this morning

Member: Many intel sources say gold and silver will tank with the market then if you have money buy buy buy. It is said it will go through the ceiling very quickly to unheard of levels.

Member: Metal markets: Gold, Silver, and Platinum down, Palladium up.

Member: Watch the DOW 200 Moving Ave.if the daily Dow drops below the 200, the event is likely “on”

Member: I have a question. Does anyone remember the name of the form/letter we are to ask for at the meeting that confirms our money is legitimate without disclosing where we got it?

Member: Clear and Clean letter

Member: Time for a Iceland Type Revolution. Remove corrupt government. Rewrote their constitution and did away with all corrupt lawyers, bankers and judges. Reset their currency.

Member: Was sure hoping the military would have helped with that…….but nothing.

Member: The RV is tied to so many other things that are going on. This is so much bigger than our bank accounts folks. We are getting close. Patience.

Member: Remember MarkZ is just the messenger and he hates nothing burgers even more then we do…..Thanks Mark and Mods for all your dedication.

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