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MarkZ says - The Global Currency Reset is when you will see the debt release and Nesara (So Much For The GCR!!! LOL) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - The Global Currency Reset is when you will see the debt release and Nesara (So Much For The GCR!!! LOL)

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MarkZ says - The Global Currency Reset is when you will see the debt release and Nesara (So Much For The GCR!!! LOL) Empty MarkZ says - The Global Currency Reset is when you will see the debt release and Nesara (So Much For The GCR!!! LOL)

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 20, 2022 10:54 pm

Member: I’m predicting Mark’s gonna give us good news today

Member: Could this be a something Burger with a side of “The Best is Yet to Come?

Member: Even if it’s a nothing burger- it won’t be this way forever

MZ: Most of the news today is coming from the bond market. They are being told they are fully funded and are expecting their full release today.

MZ: This is from ALL OF MY BOND CONTACTS…they are chewing at the bit, foaming at the mouth…they hear today is the MAGICAL DAY for all HISTORIC BONDS.

MZ: I will keep you posted and the moment one of them has spendable cash I will let you know

MZ: The chatter overnight and this morning –even in Europe has been fantastic on the bond side….they are expecting full release some point TODAY Thursday the 20th of January…...  there is a huge amount of anticipation with the bond markets today.

MZ: We do not know yet what the riming is for us with currency …..but it is certainly very close. …..

MZ: I have not spoken to Isaac, but I guarantee he is excited because he has so much invested in Historic bonds.

Member:  ISAAC said codes were entered again. Waiting for liquidity

MZ: This is what I hear from all my bond contacts right now. And they do not know each other and are in different parts of the world.

Member: Isaac is still waiting to see if the codes were successful. Fingers crossed.

Member: Woohoo… historical bonds supposed to be released today. Get this RV going.

Member: Wolverine JUST IN…Money is moving your way and they will guarantee it. God’s perfect timing. All team pushing everything out within the next 24 hours or less to complete. All accounts fully funded.

Member: Can you explain bonds generally?

MZ: in the past people bought bonds to help with reconstruction efforts. Like World War 2 bonds, Chinese Railroad bonds, German Bonds , US railroad bonds when they were trying to expand the railroad across the US many years ago….All of these were called historic bonds……These bonds have not been paid yet by governments.   This is part of us settling and closing the books as we are  resetting to a new system  and a new economy……this is a vague and general explanation

Member: Isaac just updated and said the codes have been re-entered and he will confirm the 1%.

Member: Codes were entered again for advance in Germen bonds. He is waiting to see if liquidity starts on those bonds

MZ: I guess that means they are planning on funding them with 1% to start with? At least his group. .

Member: Once the bonds go and are done- will that start an avalanche?

MZ: Yes it does…it will start a massive avalanche……

Member:  I predict there will not be a golden egg today, why because the Asian markets were both up, the ones I track, Nikkei up +305.70 and the HangSang up +824.50, so that means no market crash, no egg.

Member: Stock market in correction mode and will not be able to stabilize

Member: Can’t have a Recovery without a Crash …National Economic Security And Recovery Act

Member: Lots if folks saying noon today (east coast) is going to be the kick off

Member: From noon today on the military can take over!

Member: never thought I would say this but I pray the military takes control today.

Member: We see the military being deployed in all states…..I have to believe it for something other than the virus.

Member: National Guard has been activated in ALL 50 states, have to remember that 5,000 military were also sworn in as deputy US Marshals

Member: that white wall in DC  is the same wall that surround the Canadian Parliament as we speak and. As well as Buckingham Palace? what are the odds? Coincidence? I don't think so

Member: Is it a good sign if you’ve received an email from chase about having them for wealth management???

Member: When will we see debt forgiveness and Nesara?

MZ:  The Global Currency Reset is when you will see the debt release and Nesara.

Member: Did anyone read the info on the RV redemption process in the Dinar Recaps email last night. A whole lot to think about but all good.

Member: It was from Fleming….all of you newbies should go read it……may answer a lot of your questions.

Member: Fleming also posted interesting info about Putin and martial law in Russia…..sounds like Gesara to me.


Rod Steele: Iraq postponed their Election Results Announcement from yesterday till 1/25/22. ROD STEEL

Member: I hope the rumors about Venezuela not being in the first basket are incorrect!

Member: 1st Basket: • US • UK • Kuwait • Canada • Mexico • Russia • China • Venezuela (maybe) • Iranian Rial (maybe)  • IRAQ • Indonesia Rupiah • Malaysia• Vietnamese • Brazil • Saudi Arabia • Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Qatar • United Arab Emirates • Turkey • Afghanistan (maybe)  • India • Libya • Japan and Zim

Member: All currency holders are in a basket ….its called a basket case…lol

Member: Question: when we call 800 #, Mark said to tell what currency we have but not how much. What personal info should we be expected to share?

Member: I heard just zip code, email address and types of currencies to exchange……no address, no SS and no amounts of currency.

Member: What about Sterling Currecy group…They still owe people currency or refunds.

MZ: I hear that now they may be part of the settlements process like CMKX , Farm Claims,PP’s…and that those injured in the Sterling group will receive some type of compensation. It may be pennies on the dollar but still better than nothing.

Member: I know that We are supposed to be patient but I and I don't think I'm alone in saying this but we really need to see Something

Member: The saying goes , Lord grant me patience but please hurry up.

Member: Let's manifest the fireworks on dinarrecaps

Member: When the dust settles, we will all be just great. It’s the unknown that the mind messes with us

Member: Dominos are falling…you would have to be an ostrich not to see it…

MZ: Yes you would….we are seeing things happening every day.

Member:  If something happens today and we get to make our appointments the first thing I am doing after the appt. is go to church and thank God

Member: How will we know how to make our appontments?

Member: Why is everyone so Worried about notifications? Just watch Mark EVERYDAY!

MZ: Also 2 banks have told me that Dinar Recaps and other dinar news aggregating sites will be sent the exchange information to post and send to their email lists. You may also get notified by banks or currency traders if you purchased from them..

MZ: Please remember to keep Okie in your prayers. I believe the funeral service for his wife will be tomorrow.

Member: Prayer for Okie, Prayers for Frank26 whose father passed this week……and prayers for all who are suffering right now.

Member: MarkZ is on fire today! Thanks for all your hard work!

Member: See you all later. Have a great day.  Hoping we see that Golden Egg tonight!!!!

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