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Nick Fleming:  The Jumbotrons and the Story of RV/GCR (Complete With Excuses! LOL) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Nick Fleming: The Jumbotrons and the Story of RV/GCR (Complete With Excuses! LOL)

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Nick Fleming:  The Jumbotrons and the Story of RV/GCR (Complete With Excuses! LOL) Empty Nick Fleming: The Jumbotrons and the Story of RV/GCR (Complete With Excuses! LOL)

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 20, 2022 10:50 pm

Nick Fleming:  The Jumbotrons and the Story of RV/GCR

Many wonder what happened in Iraq with the reinstatement of the Golden Dinar’s, the new reinstatement (RI) value, and internationally with the (RV) revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Here are a few of the reasons shared by some notables, including Ministers in Iraq. All of whom are as frustrated and confused as we are.

Their political stage is in a turmoil with elections being challenged. Their banks are in a turmoil with new rules, with BASEL 3, and with new currency. The people are left in the middle with only half-truths and impossible to follow statements written in double-speak by a mockingbird press and pundits with self-interest. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

What’s obvious is that the Iraqi People and the world at large continue to be delayed with the exchange of the IQD “3 zero” – large note – currency, while dealers continue their business as usual. While no bank anywhere in the world has the ability to take in physical currency, only by wire, and from the original sender. Small businesses that operate in the currency exchange, in kiosks and small stores; these can still take in foreign currency notes. Why this disparity? Why is all international currency suddenly verboten? Might be due to BASEL 3.

As of January 1, every bank, every credit union, all across the US, is required to be compliant with Basel 3, ready to start on Basel 4. Those that are NOT compliant have 90 days to get compliant, pushing this deadline till March 1. What are the chances these banks and credit unions can make this marker? We can only guess there will be a lot of bank closures and a lot of banks ending up nationalized, under the Treasury.

The same might be said for other nations, but no way to know right now. Considering the difference (as in the historically lenient requirements) for international banks it’s a good guess that they are preparing for a massive shift as well. Putin, in an address to his people, plainly stated the requirement for Russian banks to either meet Basel 3 or merge or prepare for the government to step in, as in nationalized banks. This is a time of huge change.

The jumbotrons in the Iraq town squares, are telling the people of Iraq there may not be Revaluation of Dinar till as late as March, 2022, due to the unsettled political situation in Iraq. This might be a worse case scenario and for the “public’s” understanding.

For those of us in Tier 4 though, for those of us waiting for RV GCR, it might be just a slight delay of a few days.

The political scene – elections in Iraq were a mess. Maliki (Iran’s choice), was elected as one of three presidents this year. In his new role of President, Maliki has brought suit to stop the Central Bank of Iraq from revaluing the Dinar which was fully underway. His suit was challenging the Central Bank’s right to revalue without the government’s approval. Truly, CBI doesn’t need the government’s approval. No Central Bank needs the government’s approval. It operates on the World Stage, with rules guiding every issue of valuation, accreditation, approvals from various agencies, and so forth. All of which have been accomplished.

Iraq has a new value. With the new peg to China, with the currency’s valuation assigned under global norms, the Central Bank is independent of the government and has this right.

Yet Maliki and with Iran’s support, did not agree. Maliki wants the value to remain at the present “fixed rate” and is testing the waters. It will not be allowed. This suit and Maliki’s position as president lasting only a few days, are both now gone. Maliki has lost his position as president and this lawsuit is dropped.

Iraq’s Kurdish people have elected a woman sent as president and this is also causing challenges. The political scene as a result of these two presidents, is unsettled. The Iraqi People are caught in a vice grip of chaos and uncertainty that will be resolved quickly.

The battles preventing these presidents from serving peacefully, together with Maliki’s lawsuit, was the reason for the delay in the Revaluation of Dinar.

All challenges have been handled by this evening, on January 19, according to Ministers in Iraq, along with all Iranian banks, removed from Iraq. There will be no further interference from Iraq or abroad. They’re not playing. How quickly they can get their political house in order still remains to be seen.

That Iraq, the lynch pin of the RV GCR is in turmoil, is just the tip of the iceberg. The US White House in Washington D. C. was recently showing (suspected) demolition charges going off. The People’s White House is barricaded behind cement pylons, which is definitely not normal. The US have National Guard called to Active Duty status in all 50 states. We the People of US are sort of in a state of suspended animation, waiting for the next challenge to hit our shores. International Guard is also on active status, with soldiers in full dress, in the streets of many US cities.

This is all according to the RV GCR folklore, as told in stories for almost two decades. We will have mayhem and a scare event, then EBS, the Emergency Broadcast System will begin, preparing people for the “Scare Event” that highlights the Great Shift.

Evidence of this pending correction is shining brightly.

UK has eliminated CV19 restrictions and CV Mandates including CV Passport. Many nations are now demonstrating a similar conviction prohibiting CV mandates, including Germany, Japan, Russia and so many more.

As usual, President Putin is ahead of the curve, leading his people to Restored Sovereignty in his speech on December 26, 2021, he said (translated from Russian):

Restored Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the USSR, Colonel VV Putin:

Dear citizens of Russia and the Republic of the USSR Union!

Today, on the eve of the New Year 2022, I am very pleased to inform you that the long-awaited day has arrived towards which we have been going for all these long years....... ....... From now on, all structures of Russia and the Republic of the USSR Union will pass martial law. I order all power structures of Russia and the republics of the Union to adopt martial law and maintain order, not to allow violence against the civilian population.

* The current composition of governmental bodies of all republics of the union, will temporarily fulfill their official functions until the elections of 2022.

* The activities of all government bodies are in accordance with the Constitution (Constitution) of the Soviet Union of 1936, before the elections and a referendum on the adoption of a new sovereign (constitutional) law according to the EU referendum and of March 17, 1991.

* All government agencies also provide food and basic necessities to residents. Protect all grocery stores, children and educational institutions, medical facilities, media, and government offices.

* Today all necessary documents signed for all branches of government, sabotage or failure to meet these requirements will be considered treason.

* All war crimes will be prosecuted by a military court.

* Rospotrebnadzor and the Federal Service for the Enforcement of Justice will stop their activities from 27.12.2021.

* Russia and the republics of the Union strike on the path of socialist development.

* Anyone who has committed crimes against their people after 1991 will be prosecuted. There will be no witch hunt, but the guilty will be punished accordingly.

* All major means of production, earth, water, air, soil, natural resources, energy sources, gold, and foreign currency assets will be returned to national state ownership of the Soviet Union restaurant. 

* All utility bills, education payments, and medical services are canceled until the 2022 board elections.

* All civilian tax collections were canceled.

* All funds of the citizens of Russia and the Republic of the Union deposited in foreign banks are returned to the Soviet Union State Bank.

* The new government assumes all responsibilities for the peaceful transition of Russia and the republics of the Union to the socially fair Soviet Union, in which exploitation of people by people is prohibited.

Fly, Kremlin, 12.00, 26.12.2021, and o. S/O Restored Commander-in-Chief of the USSR. Colonel VV Putin.

Soon, every nation state in the world will see The People’s FREEDOMS RESTORED. It’s here, right now.

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