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Bruce says - that USTN currency has been in the redemption centers and in some banks for months now – just this past Saturday redemption centers staff were able to unwrap it and look at it for the first time DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce says - that USTN currency has been in the redemption centers and in some banks for months now – just this past Saturday redemption centers staff were able to unwrap it and look at it for the first time

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Bruce says - that USTN currency has been in the redemption centers and in some banks for months now – just this past Saturday redemption centers staff were able to unwrap it and look at it for the first time Empty Bruce says - that USTN currency has been in the redemption centers and in some banks for months now – just this past Saturday redemption centers staff were able to unwrap it and look at it for the first time

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 12, 2022 11:41 pm

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK   Intel Begins:  1:17:35


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday January 11th and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in all over this beautiful marble globe – Thanks for listening whether it’s live or on the replay – I’m excited and let’s have a great call tonight

Let’s get into some of the intel and see what’s going on – I know you see things out there – or you read things – and I know that sometimes  you simulate what you’re reading and I know a lot of it is not what’s going on – some of it is just artificial –   Let’s go back and talk a little bit about Iraq – since Iraq seems to be the lynchpin to everything that’s going on – yeah they are sort of the lynchpin – like sort of – very important but Iraq has been doing what they are supposed to do for a long time –

They do have a new rate – they had it a week ago last Sunday and then supposedly they were going to bring out a new rate this past Sunday but then their banks were closed Monday and then they were going to bring it out today –

Well – the latest information we got from one of our sources in Fallujah today was the big screens are there – they are going to announce their new rate and bring it out tomorrow – (Wednesday) the 12th - that’s very interesting –

Other things about Iraq – have they done everything they were supposed to do – I don’t care if they seat their government completely or not – that’s not something that’s going to affect what we’re doing with the Iraqi Dinar

The other thing – the information that some people have heard or read about Dr Shabibi having passed away –is greatly exaggerated  and incorrect - He is NOT dead - he is in a very safe place  - He is in the United States and has been here for several days and is alive and well -  I can report – so that’s good news

So Iraq is obviously happy to be out of  Chapter 7 Chapter 8 – they are a Sovereign Nation – they are not going ahead without us or on their own -  they are very closely linked to what we are doing and there’s no separation there that seems to be talked about –

Did they in fact peg to the Chinese Yuan – if they have it’s only for the purpose to trade with oil from Iraq – it’s not like they have completely depegged – if they depegged from anything – they depegged from the USD which is the fiat dollar – right?  Federal Reserve Note – the fiat dollar is dead and they don’t want to be pegged to that but are they about to be pegged to the USN? Yes - our new dollar USN – US Note - we sometimes called it US New – a longer version is United States Treasury Note – USTN – you might have heard that term – I’ve used it for years –

The USTN is the United States Treasury Note that is our currency – our money – our folding paper money that goes in our wallets or pocket ok - that USTN currency has been in the redemption centers and in some banks for months now – it’s been in the vaults and in certain safes and it has been packaged in shrink wrap and just this past Saturday redemption centers staff were able to unwrap it and look at it for the first time – to get familiar with the notes –

It is slightly colorized so I would not call it rainbow currency but I would say it does have different shades to it – it’s a very secure currency and it is something that should be if it’s not in the drawers ready to put at the teller windows and in our ATM’s – it is very close to having that happen - 

I think they will bring that out – they might not bring it out right away but I don’t know – I think they will bring it out sooner rather than later –

Do we need an announcement about gold backed dollar – a USTN as opposed to a Federal Reserve Note – I don’t know that we will get an announcement about – but I think that when NESARA really kicks in in a bigger way which may not be till the end of this month or maybe even in February we get a bigger launch of NESARA and GESARA internationally – but when that happens and they decide to bring us information about what is involved with NESARA – why are we going to be receiving this – why do we get our income tax money back -  why do we get our birth certificate funds /bond funds that were traded on our birth certificates – why do we get all of these things that we know about we are going to receive back – at that time they may be bringing out a gold standard and talk about us being back on a gold or an asset backed currency –

Hard to say exactly when that’s going to occur – it doesn’t really matter when that happens – we know that it is going to happen and we know that a lot of things are going to happen that will be very good for us in the near future

Now let’s talk a little bit about the bond holders- we had been told from some very good sources that the bond holders were to have received emails that would say that they had access to their accounts as early as today – we were expecting that to occur - It did not happen as far as I can tell –

But what has happened is there are things called super whales – bond holders that are really big bond holders with their funds eventually handled out of Zurich, Switzerland - and we had information that said if everything goes  right over night last night things would get started in Australia – New Zealand and early morning for us in the United States which we’re on a 7 hour time difference from Zurich to the East Coast - that early morning like in the 2-3 am range Eastern time that the bond holders would those super whales would have their accounts activated and they would begin to have liquidity

And remember I reported I think a week ago that first in first out bondholders  transacted would be the first to be paid out - that’s not true -- what we did find out  and this was from Simon Parks was that actually all the bond holders  will be paid out at the same time hence – the shotgun start – applying to all bond holders receiving access to their accounts – they can see their accounts now – if they have their codes that were sent to them and enter those properly they could see their accounts on their computers but they cannot get access to the funds y et -  ok that’s requiring an extra email with green light that will give them the access to that with a different access code –

But in the meantime we have also heard that not only will the super whales be paid out essentially and have access to funds but all bond holders that we’ve talked about in the past should all receive access to their funds at the same time –

Now I’ve contended for a long time that we in tier 4 – more specifically tier 4B - will be notified probably pretty close to the time that the bond holders can get access to their funds - pretty close – maybe we’re actually in a very real sense going at the same time as everyone in tier 3 gets access to their funds – we’ll see

The latest information we have heard is pointing – and we are getting this out of our source in Zurich -  tells us that they are prepared to pay out the bond funds – like we’ve talked about – tomorrow out of Zurich  which – let’s look at that as 7 hours ahead of us on the East Coast – right now –

If that occurs which we fully expect and believe this time it will – tomorrow – it didn’t today - but guess why it didn’t? they had a little clean up to do even in Zurich with a paymaster involved with these super whales – there was some clean up – alright – they have that taken care of now and now so we have the ability for them to start and get that done for the bond holders -

Now along with that what we’re hearing – I am going to give you two versions of this - the first version is – if that occurs which it should tomorrow morning Zurich time – it should mean that we will be notified for our exchanges anytime between Wednesday and Saturday –

Now – some recent information from this evening – right before the Big Call – is indicating that when these bond holders get that green light to go ahead in the morning from Zurich that we should receive our notifications  at least this is what we’re getting - we could receive our notifications even as early as tomorrow afternoon –

Now if we get it tomorrow afternoon then boom we set our appointments and maybe we don’t start exchanges Wednesday but maybe Thursday –

So – if that happens and we get our notifications  - remember they have the capability to send out a million emails at one time and we’ve got about 1.424 million at last count – emails going out from Wells Fargo and they’re going to release them at the same time  in each time zone so that even though 1.424 million they can do all of those because they are not all going out at the same time but at the same time in each time zone – Eastern – Central – Pacific – Mountain – Alaska – Hawaii  - That’s how we believe we’re going to be notified with those –

Now my job is to make sure the people that don’t have emails for out found out about the 800 numbers to call in to set their appointments and that’s why we’re going to post that on the front page of Big Call Universe

We expect to have 2 toll free numbers – for the call centers - One for those who do not have zim and one for people that have zim and whether they have other currency or not is fine too – You will use the one that applies to you

The people that are zim holders – because of the value of that they want those people to call in and then get transferred from central call centers to the individuals at the redemption center that are there to physically set the appointments for you – your connection will be made to someone who will actually be working with you at the redemption center

Certain of our sources are talking about us getting started as early as tomorrow afternoon – it could be hit and miss – between now and Saturday but I know the Chinese wanted it to go today – was what I heard – so maybe if it does go tomorrow they will be happy with that

I feel like we really are there – Iraq is ready to go – remember they’ve got the jumbo truant and big screens up in all the cities to post their new rate tomorrow – to put it out to be international and to show their sovereignty – they are celebrating for that and I think that says a lot right there – if they do bring that rate out like we hear it will probably be after morning prayer – and I think we could get our notification –

Really I think the bonds being out – those transactions it’s possible they happen overnight cause they could do that cause they are going to advise those bond holders by email but then again it could start at 9 am in Zurich –

So whatever happens it will all be good for us – I hope we do get notified tomorrow (Wednesday) and if so this is our final Big Call -

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