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MarkZ says - This is being done in a slow methodical process and we are in the middle of it DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - This is being done in a slow methodical process and we are in the middle of it

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MarkZ says - This is being done in a slow methodical process and we are in the middle of it Empty MarkZ says - This is being done in a slow methodical process and we are in the middle of it

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:07 pm

Member: GM all you wonderful people! Going to be an amazing week! No "boy who cried wolf" this time! Pray in one accord for all obstacles to be removed. Blessings to everyone.

Member: Morning! Very excited ! Hopefully A few days away from the RV announcement ! Like evidence in hand! Feeling real good! Positive thinking ! Mark Z ! Hope you are feeling much better!!!

MZ: Feeling much better…on the road to recovery….

MZ: Have been hearing good things out of Zurich. They are expecting things to pick up steam tomorrow. Everybody is where they need to be. Many in banking had been on vacation over there.

MZ: Over in the sandbox there has been some chatter about Dubai 1 and 2. That it will be released later this week. 

MZ: Reno is very quiet. Expecting news from there to start kicking in about 2 or 3 this afternoon.

MZ: I am hearing there are more Historic bonds to go this week. And settlements including CMKX and farm claims, and prosperity packages. So I am hearing they are very keen to get those funds into people’s hands this week.

MZ: Also a lot in the regular news as things start lining up for it. 

Member: So, they are kicking the can again?

MZ: I do not believe they are kicking the can. This is being done in a slow methodical process and we are in the middle of it. I think we are just more worried about them getting money to us then they are.

Member: Watch the bonds, watch the bonds, watch the bonds. Do what???????????

Member: I beleive When Mark says WATCH THE BONDS He's talking about the 10 year BOND YIELD

Member: How Long do we have to wait after bonds payout for T4B to get our Emails???

Member: Mark said last week only a few days at the most…..

Member: Just watch Iraq folks - forget about all the rest …They are so close.

Member: What happened to Iraq`s announcement of their new rate last night? Thought it was supposed to happen last night?

Member: Well, it didn’t.

Member: Saw in dinarrecaps that Dr Shabibi passed away on 9th.

MZ: it’s a sad day that he did not get to see this RV over the finish line. He is the architect of this RV…..but his passing does not in any way affect the outcome. I just think it’s sad that he did not get to see the fruitiono f his life’s work.

Member: Is the dinar still at 4.81 mark?

Member: I heard last night Europe markets are collapsing and saw this morning their industrial sector is failing .... wondering how the USA stock market will look

Member: was reported yesterday that "foreign stock exchange" crashed @ Michael Penney on You Tube

Member: Dow down 450 and dropping

Member: Dow is down almost 600

Member:  All Markets down today, including Crypto, Stocks, Oil, and Metals.

Member: I wonder how far does the stock market have to go down for everything to kick in?

Member: IMO   Dow doesn't matter - RV can go before which will crash it.

MZ: We know we are on the cusp of this thing happening. The average stock on Nasdaq has lost 40% of its value. The Global supply chain is the global economy and its broken down and has come unglued as we speak.

Member: What if the market crashes and there is no RV?

MZ: if the market crashes it will force the RV. Ideally they would reset it without crashing the market. But, its easier for them to let the market crash and justify the new system and adjusting of values….also they will have somebody to blame for it. Like the Pandemic, or China, ect….This is theatre so we don’t hunt down every politician from the last 50 years and hang them all from gallows for what they have done to us. So, its easier for the PTB is the pandemic crashes it.

Member: Covid DID crash the economy - unemployment is through the roof - don't believe the MSM

Member: Covid shut down the whole flippin' world!!!

Member: Are they really moving wall street to Miami??

MZ: Many companies have moved to Miami….but they have not “officially” moved Wall Street. I believe the investment capital of the world is vacating New York. The question is if the Mercantile Markets are going to end up leaving Chicago???I have heard they may move to Kansas City.

Member: How long do you think it will take for a recovery after the crash?

MZ: For you and I it will be instant. We will get to go to the bank and exchange our currencies. For other markets it could take a good year to 18 months for them to stabilize after the move to sound money. There will be great wealth made after the crash…but it may take time to get to the streets.

Member:  yeah it's not going to be unicorns and balloons first thing

Member: invest and spend locally so everyone can help your communities.

MZ: Yes for sure. There may be a number of Tax people, bankers and doctors unemployed when this happens.  We will need to help as many as we can.

Member: if Dow breaks 34,932 then we really have a Crash. Otherwise it's just a correction.

Member: DOW 30 hit low of 6547 in 2009 10%= Correction. 20%= Bear Market... We need to drop another 29K

Member: Lots going on, National guard activated in 30 states....today thru wednesday, get stocked up if your not already!!

Member: The Fed is hanging by a thread!!! THEY ARE AN ILLEGAL CORRYPT PRIVATE BUSINESS!

Member:  Im bad. I am going to be celebrating when the bankers go down

Member: What happens if they shut the internet down and we can't find out about the RV news and the 800#

Member: only social media will be down. The powers that be and us need to use the internet so Mike Penny indicated last night. How else are we going to see the movies to be shown to the unwoke.

Member: We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge

Member: I simply refuse any negatvie thoughts to enter my mind this week.... let us pray this thing in

Member: We are all weary! Hold the line! We got this!

Member: hang in there we’re near the goal post

Member: Thanks MarkZ and mods….see everyone tonight


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