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MarkZ says - A serious nothing burger on the RV front overnight DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - A serious nothing burger on the RV front overnight

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MarkZ says - A serious nothing burger on the RV front overnight Empty MarkZ says - A serious nothing burger on the RV front overnight

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jan 08, 2022 7:58 pm

Member: Pretty quiet out there today! It could be upon us

MZ: I will keep today’s stream short for my voice…I feel better then I sound…...A serious nothing burger on the RV front overnight. As was expected….Do not panic, just waiting for things to move. No news is not bad news.

MZ: I did have a couple questions you asked me last night about some of the 30 programs I said were funded this week and prepared for distribution..……yes farm claims was one of them. CMKX was one of them.

Member: Hope Omega one of the programs funded

Member: things still moving. Always moving. This is huge huge huge and will take time to work through all the testing and worldwide hoops to get to a beautiful place

Member: Silence is Golden

Member: IS the QFS activated?

MZ: Not yet, It’s not activated but its prepared to go. I am told they continue to run tests to make sure its ready for the full release.

Member: Nick Fleming just posted an interesting report about IRAQ. on Dinar Recaps.

Member: Nice .. looks like the Iraq Dinars will be going very soon

Member: that Iraq is about to go really soon .. and in a big way

Member: Maybe Tonight will be the pull of the grenade pin in IraQ …. Pushing RV fwd!!!!

Member: Will be watching tonight at 10est for iraq to do something….

Member: I heard from a fairly reliable source IRAQ is REVALUING Tomorrow Morning NO MATTER WHAT.

Member: Frank26 was informative yesterday. Red Suit!  Red Alert?

Member: Mark, F26, and several folks cited by Dinar Recaps, and even Flemming is talking about the IQD is RV’ between now and Monday. There are several big things being announced Sunday!!!

MZ: The chatter is very good right now….

Member: They need to stop chattering and see some action.......lol

Member: Frank 26 said we don’t need to wait for 800 number we just call bank & set appt. Is that true?

Member: Its true…..you will get street or international rates…..if you go through the redemption center we have been told we get higher rates.

Member: Banks in my area are getting ready for the new currency. They are trained because they answered that "it's not here yet", and they know that the customers are going to freak when they see this new stuff.

Member: Evergrande halted trading in Hong Kong!! The crash is close…imo

Member: Not sure if anyone saw this but weird light show high up in clouds of Kazakhstan at night made it look like daylight for or while. Crazy stuff happening everywhere

Member: Kazakhstan story has two angles. Illuminati are big there or were

Member: kazakhstan is going to be big, it's supposedly the Illuminati stronghold

Member: Thanks Mark and mods….Hope you rest and feel better this weekend Mark….Gotta be well to go in and exchange next week!!!!

Member: see everyone Monday, enjoy your weekend

MZ: I will be back Monday Morning unless we get big news. There is a lot of expectation of possible announcements out of Iraq right now for tomorrow…... If it happens I will let you all know…..

Member: IMO…..Get ready for notifications Sunday of at least the Iraqi IQD RV!!!

Matt From CBD Gurus joins the stream at about 15 minutes. Please listen to the replay for all of his information……

Please listen to replay for all the RV information

The next stream is Monday at 10Am est……..unless

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